Friday, September 30, 2011

Polka Dot Wanda

Welcome to Inventory Challenge #51. The challenge is to use polka dots.

Wacky Wanda the Wonder Witch has decided to leave a lucrative career as a chef to become fashion designer.

This is a paper bag card and you open it by untying the black satin bow.  The flowers are all Magnolia die. I have used the Peony petal, the Wild Strawberry and my very favorite, the doily flower die.

The inside reads "It's your birthday, relax and have a martini on me!

Please join my friends

Thanks for visiting and leaving a little love along the way!  Sandy


Christina C. said...

Once again, I am blown away by your brilliant creation! It certainly put a smile on my face this morning!!!! This is spectacular, Sandy.....very creative! I love the inside as much as the outside and the image is just DELIGHTFUL!!!!

cathylynn said...

Good Morning Sandy! My goodness you've done it again. Brilliant!!! I absolutely love this marvelous creation. You by far have the best stamps in the USA!!! And..... you have definitely mastered the paper bag card!! I love the coloring and the color combo. LOVE IT ALL!!!!
Giant hugs, Cathy

Danielle Champagne said...

I agree with Christina and Cathy, YOU DID IT AGAIN! Such a vivid imagination Sandy, and what a talent to put it on a card! I love your images just as juch as I enjoyed the story of Wanda. What atalented designer for a witch, I wonder if she would be granted her "senior" card, like I did yesterday, at my local store, can't help asking! Your papier piecing job is FABULOUS, YOUR FLOWERS ARE TOTALLY AWESOME, Love your papers and this idea of a paper bag card is just great!
Have a wonderful day. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

EEEK!!! Sandy, this is just the cutest and happiest witch I've seen!! She makes me smile!! :) Another fabulous and clever design by you sweetie!! You are doing absolutely lovely with your creations!! Hope you have a great weekend my friend!! HUGS

Rene said...

On that silly Wanda!
This is wonderful...I love the red polka dots with black touches...although she's too cute to spook much! :D

Liefs Ineke said...

Hello Sany, your creation is very beautiful. Gr. Ineke

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandy, I just love your card! That whitch is a hoot. Just delightful,brought a smile to my face
Hugs Julie P

Barb Hardeman said...

Ohhhhhhh! This is delicious! Bwahahahahaha! You've done it again and let your whacky sense of humor lead the way - it just never misses!!!! Too coooooool!!!

Kathy Gerace said...

I LOVE your card! You are just too funny, girl! Wanda looks just like me first thing in the morning;D Great job paper piecing and coloring. Just perfect. The inside image is just as cute as the front! Wonderful job on the whole card.

cabio's craft corner said...

That's too cute Sandy. Love the fun and cheerful design of this paperbag card. It's such a spooky fun project :o)

Linda Palmer said...

You have to have the best personality ever! You keep me entertained for sure. By the way, I love your amazing card, so fun and colored so beautiful. Great idea! love the inside too!

Pam Sparks said...

Hi Sandy - fabulous paper bag creating! Love black and red with kraft. So adorably colored and I'm relaxing right now...w/a cup of cocoa though! lol Super cute creation! Wonderful attention to detail! Lovin' that punch around the page!

Iulia said...

Oh, I'm so happy you haven't given up crafting- you are so talented Sandy and it would have been such a pity to deprive us from creations like this one. It's funny and great and perfectly executed. Your are definitely a professional and haven't seen a paper bag card more brilliant than yours. You are the master of these.
fabulous polka dotted card, love them being everywhere, just adds to the funny side; the sentiment- a la Sandy- is just fantastic not to mention the fabulous images and colorwork in the inside!
Lots of work but wonderful result! LOve this!
Hugs, Iulia

Patricia Garcia said...

Wanda is too funny!! I love it!!


Sharon Caudle said...

LMBO!!! You have no idea how much I LOVE this card!!! Polka Dots are my very favorite and she is FABULOUS!!! I love your mix of polka dots, fabulous colors and love, love, love how you paper pieced her outfit in different polka dots too!!! Whoever the lucky person is to receive this gem, is going to be VERY excited! You are SUCH an inspiration!!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Pat said...

Hey there Mountain Mama!! You need to get your Skyp fixed...I love seeing previews of your adorable cards!! Your cardmaking has become so sophisticated...and your coloring and designwork are just stunning!! I love this...maybe I'll have to break down and make a paper bacg card...because this is so stinkin' cute! I'll have to look for a tutorial!! It was such fun catching up the other day. Sending big hugs! Pat

Unknown said...

Oh! this is the cutest card. Love it! Amazing witch card :O)

craftycon said...

Sandy, This is the cutest card! I love her clothes. Nice job! Can't stop looking at her she is adorable. Connie

Anonymous said...

Hey...I've been meaning to ask you what this challenge thing is? Do people enter it or is this just sort of a blog hop thingy?

Unknown said...

Sandy my word what a truly fabulous card!!!!!Talk about talent!!!!! This is spectacular and the colors Wow gorgeous. I also really love the inside of the card!!!!! Honestly this is magical!!!!! Excellent job my friend!!!!!!!

Tracy Valure said...

She is TOOOO cute Sandy! I just LOVE that witch and your card layout is fabby!!


Card Crazy said...

Gotta say, Sandy, I'm sure glad I've been able to blog browse and catch up on all your great creations. Wacky Wanda is definitely my idea of fashion haute couture. Ooh la la! Polka dots do wonders for her figure (lol)
Sue S.

Christine said...

This is adorable, Sandy! I just love the inside, too, so fun!

Only By His Grace said...

Fabulous card Sandy. You always giveme a good laugh. It is made so beautifully too. I wonder how Wacky Wanda fitted in that pot. A bit of a squeeze I think.
Hugs Maz

Karen said...

This is awesome!! Great job! : )

Sue from Oregon said...

This is sooooooo cute...Thanks for popping in to say Hello this morning! I have had the best time browsing your blog and wow-ing over all your great creations (and you gotta know I love polka dots!) I am a new follower!

Lisa Minckler said...

Your blog is wonderful and this card is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I love the humor and color and vividness of it all. Nicely done. It's been a pleasure perusing your creativity and I'm so glad you hopped over to my blog so I could find yours. :)
Thank you for joining in on my blog candy and leaving your comment about my grandmother's work as well. :) She'll love reading that.
Hope you're having a great week.
Lisa xx

Jenny Gropp said...

LOL --- I love this!!

Sarn said...


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