Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello sweet neighbors and friends!  As some of you know, I have been out of town for the last ten days and I certainly know exactly what Dorthy means, "there is no place like home"!  Grampa Art and Nanny (me) took my daughter's four kids to the beach for a week.  Oh what a riot that was.  Four kids in four different places on a beach!  The kids had a blast and I did too.  Grampa Art is still recovering!!

From left to right - Grampa Art age unknown, Caroline age 10, Joe age 8, Sarah age 5 and Nicole age 12.  Yes that is me age - just south of 70!

I really had a good time swimming with the kids.  This is me and grandson Joe - he is yelling help and Nicole is coming in for the kill.  I thought those varmints were gonna drown me.  But I showed them - LOL!

Every now and then kids seem to get into trouble and when they do, Grampa Art takes them to "time out".  You can tell by the looks and posture they are not too happy. 

After all that sun and sand it is time for some snow and I do love snow. 

I hope y'all have enjoyed my post and my Mr. Snowman and friend card.  I also wish everyone a very good summer and I am holding our friends in New Mexico and Northern Colorado in my prayers.  For those of you who do not know, the fires are raging in the Southwest and over 180 homes of been destroyed in Colorado.

My best to you and you know I love all your comments.