Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm addicted!

I freely admit that Chris has set me free from the ties that bind me!  After making a canvas for her I went on to make a canvas for my very sweet friend Kelly Neis!  You probably know her best from The Beauty of Paper.
Before I show you my canvas there are a few things I want you to know about Kelly.  Kelly lives on a large farm in Minnesota with her husband Tom and five of her seven children.  They also have cattle, horses, chickens, pigs, goats dogs, cats and three Llamas. They have had a particularly cold winter.  When  she called this morning I think she said it was ten degrees - brrrrrrrrrr.  They are always covered in snow!
Bunches of snow!

I hope you can enlarge this to see some of the details.  If not, got to Kelly's blog because she went crazy with her pictures.  What a great idea, I need to learn to do that!!!

Now where in the world Kelly thinks I am a fancy lady I will never know.  It's all I can do to remember to put on lipstick!!!!  Here is Kelly's canvas to me!!!!  Isn't it gorgeous!!

In my best day I was never this purty or dressed up!

Oh my goodness - I wish you could see all the pretty teeny tiny beads in her hair.  Kelly very graciously not only made me thin but took away all my grey too!

This flower is gorgeous - of course I don't think this model lady can walk but what the heck - who needs to walk when you can be beautiful!!  Thanks Kelly - I love your canvas.

Sure would like to know what you think of my new fantasy world - really, this is so much fun!!
Thanks for all your comments - come round to see me anytime!

Friday, January 25, 2013

We're Expecting!!!!

At long last my husband and I are expecting two new babies that should arrive here mid to late March.  One boy named Flip and one girl named Flop (we will call her Floppy)!!  I am so excited I could just spit!!

Yesterday we went to South Carolina to visit Mr. Phil who raises mini Nubian goats.  This is the very first time I have ever held a mini goat that is all of three weeks old!

 See that precious white baby boy?  That is Flip - isn't he cute!!!!

 This is Farmer Phil holding two of the babies.  The one on the left that is black and grey is Flop our little girl.  She is so sweet and smaller than Flip!

I got to help bottle feed these little tykes.  Do I look happy or what!  Our new children are too young to come live with us but when we get them I will just have post again.  This is Simply Sandy reporting from her soon to be mini farm!!!

What do you think of my new babies!?!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dans le Jardin

I have followed the art work of Chris Dark for sometime now.  Most of us are familiar with Chris's gorgeous Magnolia cards with her hand painted flowers and doodling.  Then one magical day, Chris posted a couple of pages from her art journal and I knew then what I wanted to do.  I wrote Chris and she told me about Andy Skinner and  Christy Tomilson.  So I kept following Chris and ended up taking a She Girl class on line.
Well Chris challenged me --- she said "Sandy I will make you a She Girl canvas if you make me one."  Well Honey Child I want y'all to know that  I would walk a mile barefoot in the rain for one of Chris's canvases.  So of course I said YES!!!  Then after I pledged to do it I said to myself "OMG Sandy what have you done - you have never made a canvas!"

This is the canvas that Chris sent me.

I love it !!  If only you could see it for real.  Beautiful colors and wonderful texture.  She has all the things in it I love.  The woods I live in and all the creatures around me. She personalized it even more by printing ever so small around the trees and the deer. To have this canvas in my hot little hands really helped me get going.  I studied every jot and tittle and low and behold found that cat in the bottom left hand corner.  To my amazement, Chris said it was really created from negative space - it's a miracle I say!!!!

Well I finally finished my canvas and off to England it went.  I did not want to post it until  Chris received it as I wanted it to be a surprise.   So in the style of Christy Tomilson and Christine Dark here is my canvas.

I want to thank Chris for  nudging me on to be better than I thought I could be -  for being a friend and a wonderful mentor.   You can see all of Chris's art work here and here .  If you have not been to one of Chris's blogs before, I highly recommend  it - you are in for a real treat!!!

Well kids, it's time to get on with my day.  Thanks to all my followers and all of you out there in Blogland who left me some very sweet comments. As you know, your comments make my heart smile and I do appreciate them.