Thursday, April 21, 2011

'THE' Wedding

Friday sure does roll around in a hurry!!! Once again I am joining Danielle and Christina to play Inventory Challenge #28 and the subject is Royal Weddings.  Well I am ready to travel across the pond except for one minor detail.  I haven't been able to find a decent hat.  Oh woe is me!!   But I did make Kate a card.  I just haven't finished the inside yet - I have to find me a hat first.  I would hate to tell her yes I am coming and then not be able to find a decent hat!!  So let's go to 'THE' Wedding!

Short and sweet so let's go to the pre-wedding parties at

Danielle's blog
Christina's blog
Charlene's blog
Rene's blog and
Jean's blog!

See y'all there -- Sandy    I will deliver all comments to the royal couple myself.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's the 15th of April and time for Inventory Challenge # 27.  I was sent a picture of the famous painting "The Ballerinas" by Edgar Degas.  Now what in the world could I possibly know about ballet living all the way back here in the hills of North Carolina.  Why the closest thing Mama and I saw to ballet was when we went to the Asheville Auditorium to see Holiday on Ice staring the one and only Sonja Henie.  We even waited at the stage door after the performance to get her autograph.  By the way, we did the same thing when Mama took me to see "The Singing Cowboy" -  Mister Gene Autry himself!!   Let the dance begin!!!!

Such a beautiful little ballerina!

What a beautiful painting!

What a talented young lady!!!

I certainly hope you will visit my very talented teammates - and see what they did with Monsieur Degas.


Well my friends, that's it for this challenge - I hope I made you chuckle or at least smile real big!  Love hearing your comments, they make me smile real big!
XO - Sandy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's in Your Easter Basket?

Welcome to Inventory Challenge #26 and the theme this week is blue and yellow.  I thought I would do another Easter card.  Mama is out of her mind with joy; there are more programs going on at church than Carter's got Little Liver Pills.  One of her favorite things to do is study her Bible.  She is a charter member of the Women's Christen Temperance Union.  We just call it the WCTU.  She has the purttiest pin that she wears proudly on her jacket.  I know she has heard Billy Graham preach at the big Baptist Church in down town Asheville.  He only lives a stone's throw away.  Church is the center of Mama's social life.  She is very much aware of the meaning behind Easter.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy a chocolate bunny or two and a couple of cream eggs.  Mama sure does have a sweet tooth.

What's in your Easter basket - pretty colored hard boiled eggs that you whip into egg salad or a ton of Chocolate that you eat for breakfast Easter Sunday morning. 

Well I should have known.  I see the evidence around your mouth and on your fingers too.  You have been eating chocolate haven't you?

The dark you see around this card is really blue - a pretty deep blue for the base and the the frame around the chocolate bunnies is navy.  I have the hardest time trying to get my colors right.  Sure wish Suzanne would do a tutorial about getting colors right.

I  hope that you will visit my very talented team mates.  I know you know Danielle.  She created those wonderful cards about THE SOUND OF MUSIC.  Christina just posted the most beautiful Christmas cards on her blog.  Charlene is a wizard with those cantankerous Copic markers.  Why you should see her color away!    Rene is so cute -- everyone knows Grace and Izzy.  I wonder if Rene watched the movie FRIED GREEN TOMATOES.  Last but certainly not least is Jean.  Jean is a really good artist.  I guess y'all  saw the couch she drew for one of her cards.  Amazing!

I sure do appreciate your comments.  So many harken back to yesteryear and make me smile and sometimes just right ole' laugh out loud!!
XO Sandy

Friday, April 1, 2011

In Your Easter Bonnet.....

Boy did Mama ever love the holidays.  Easter meant a new dress with new shoes and matchin' handbag.  Of  course there was the Easter corsage made of artificial flowers that did not fade or wilt.  But the frosting on the cake was  her brand new hat.  There were times when Mama couldn't afford a new dress but she always made sure she had a new hat.  She would go straight to Fain's Bargain Basement and find something to gussy up her old hat!  Off to church she'd go with her shiny black pocketbook hung over her arm and gloves in hand.   Did I tell you that Mama walked to church?  When the weather was bad, she would spring for a Bluebird Taxi Cab.  Sweet memories,  why I can hear Perry Como singing right now - "IN YOUR EASTER BONNET, WITH ALL THE  FRILLS UPON IT" ..........


"ON THE AVENUE"  . . .  What avenue?

First let me tell you that the purtty little girl you see in her Easter Bonnet came from Miss Peggy at Peggy Loves Vintage . I adore all her images - they are delightful to work with and so nostalgic. They take me right back to my Mama's life and such wonderful memories.  And the cute little sign post I bought from Diana.

This card is my entry for Inventory Challenge #25 and I know my team mates have some wonderful cards posted on their blogs!

I do appreciate you visiting my blog and reading all about my Mama --- comments are so appreciated and enjoyed.