Friday, April 26, 2013


By the hair of my chiny chin chin -- I have entered The Craft Barn's Alpha challenge - the letter 'W' with circles in the background.  You can find this delightful challenge here.  I have chosen the word Warbler.

I have taken artistic license  - I don't think that a Hummingbird is a warbler.   I should ask Alison at Words and Pictures - don't you think?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

News from my wee farm

So many of you have asked about my wee goats Flip and Flop --  thank you for your interest!!

 First we got 16 baby chicks in the mail the Wednesday before Easter - all 16 are well and doing fine.  Growing like weeds and now live in their room in the barn.  Mind you, we only wanted five.  Long story.

Are you my Mommy???
Nicole, my 13 year old grand-daughter and I take our new Maremma Sheepdog puppy home with us.  We name her Sam.
Sam looks over her new domain.
Sam starts learning her new job to watch over the goats.
Nanny, Nicole and Caroline my 11 year old grand-daughter.  We are introducing Flip to Sam.
Look Mom!!!  I have a lap goat.  Nicole is holding Flip while Flop looks for food.

The goats have been poorly - it seems that they are OCD and overeat.  Do you think they take after me?
Our problem is too much rich spring grass.  Art is getting it all cut back now and I know more about goat poop then I should.  The goats are well now but we have kept them up and eating mostly hay and oats.  They might be able to go out a little while this afternoon.

I had my daughter's four kids during their Easter break and needless to say it was a zoo here.  Two cats, two goats, 16 chicks, a new puppy and 4 children between the age of 6 and 13. This has been one crazy adventure. 

Thanks for you interest in my world and I so enjoy reading your comments.  Welcome to my new followers  - y'all make me smile!!

Friday, April 12, 2013



The letter for the current alpha challenge at the The Craft Barn Blog is "R"

I have chosen the word Rainforest for my R word. 


This is a special post for me because my 13 year old granddaughter Nicole designed the left hand page.  It was her idea to do "Rainforest"  This was a practice page because she wanted to do her own dictionary.  I turned her lose with my PanPastels and away she went.  I stole her practice page to go in my dictionary.  Now aren't I smart!!!!!  Unfortunately the picture does not show the glass beads I used to make dew drops or the vintage glass glitter on the butterflies.  As the sunlight filters through the forest luscious flowers bloom.

Thanks for your visit and once again I thank you for your lovely comments - they do mean a lot to me!!