Friday, January 28, 2011

Soup for 500

It's time for Inventory Challenge #16 and it's based on one of my favorite songs.  Very Southern!!  You are invited  to join Christina, Charlene, Danielle and Rene as we all sing " Hey Good Lookin' ...What Cha Got Cookin'" .................................

This is a  thank you card for my beautiful daughter Stacy.  Stacy has four children ages 4 through 11 and is a full time 5th grade teacher.  She is active in her church and community and is one  terrific Mom and teacher. I NEVER hear her complain.  This card is for you Sugar !!!!!!!

The digi image on the front of the card is from Phindy's Place and the little hog is a High Hopes Rubber Stamp.   Thanks for stopping by y'all and your comments are very appreciated.  Let's do lunch!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

To Market To Market

Hey Y'all !

This card was made especially for the  inventory challenge #15 and I am late getting it posted!!  Oh woe is me!
This week's challenge is all about  LUV!!  And I mean to tell you,  Mama knows all about LUV and pleasing her man.

So that's the advice Mama has  for this particular situation but I suggest that you visit Danielle cause I know those French speaking ladies know a thing or two about LUV.  After that you can visit Christina, Charlene and Rene who  also have their opinions on LUV too!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Horsing Around

Hey y'all!  Can you believe we are in the middle of January and heading towards Valentine's Day?  It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas.  Our oldest daughter and her family spent Christmas with us this year.  Stacy and her husband left the Tuesday after Christmas to return to Raleigh, North Carolina.  But wait a minute, they forgot something.  They left their four kids with us! Sarah is three, Joe is seven, Caroline is nine and Nicole is eleven.  Wow - what a week that was.  After returning these little "angels" to their parents, Art and I headed for the coast of South Carolina.  Parris Island to be exact.  Our oldest grandson graduated from Marine boot camp.  It was a two day event full of excitement, pride and lots of tears.  Before heading home, Art and I did stop off in Charleston for a little history, wonderful art and architecture and lots of low country cooking.

This is my first card for 2011.  It seems that Tilda is in trouble with her Mama.  She cannot make any valentines until she writes all her thank you notes for such wonderful gifts as socks and underwear which I must say she was less than thrilled to have received. Learning manners sure is hard and Mama insists on keeping up appearances.

Mama wants to make sure Tilda understands Southern etiquette when receiving gifts such as socks and underwear.