Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our Gang

When I was very young, I watched  television every afternoon after school.  It was the funniest and cutest show - Little Rascals.  Or maybe you may know it as Our Gang.

I am posting this to AJJ where the theme is going back to school and was chosen by Elizabeth.  I am also linking this to Try it on Tuesday where it was suggested we use coffee and cream colors and if not that then two other colors of your choice.  I chose coffee and cream.  It just sounds good doesn't it.

Tomorrow is Monday and my computer goes to the computer hospital for a while.  Don't you just hate it when you have to call in a specialist!  So I will be out of the loop for a few days.  Thank you so much for your visit and all comments are like frosting on a cake to me!  Thanks again!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

It's Back to School!

I made a little journal spread for Art Journal Journey and the theme this month is "Back to School".
Thank you Elizabeth, this ought to be a fun month.

Well some of us have better memories than others!!

I must say I am very disappointed - something happened to my Adobe Photoshop and I cannot get it to work.  I was hoping to be able to show both sides so you could read the print.  Oh well - another day.

Goodness gracious, have you seen Valerie's post?  Her husband was soooo handsome.  Valerie you must have been a real cutie pie not to mention a live wire! Well you still are a live wire and I think cute as a button.  I love your smile.

I hope you all are well and I do so appreciate you stopping in to visit.  Feel free to have a little chat - I do love hearing from you!!