Monday, May 16, 2011

My Swine Song

I am taking a little time off to be with my grandchildren this summer.  As they do not live near me, I only get to see them a couple of times a year.  Summer is "our special time" and I can't wait.  So this is my last card until August rolls around.  I have titled it "My Swine Song".  Now the way I see it, every girl needs to have at least one pig as a friend.  Who else can you go out snorting with and one good oink deserves another.  So y'all have a good summer and don't forget to bring home the bacon!!

My sister asked me to make a birthday card for one of her friends.  Melanie and her friend Susan have a little game going on where they give each other pigs.  So,  who better to make a pig card than I.  I do so enjoy reading your comments and as I have said many times before - we all need a little love now and then.

XO - Sandy  (have you hugged your pig today?)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gingerbread Tilda

Welcome to Inventory Challenge #30.  A Christmas card challenge - how appropriate!  It was in the low 30's in our mountains last night and promises to be cold again tonight. Hmmm - I still don't hear Christmas bells.  So the next best thing was to make a card.   My cute friend Cathy-Lynn made a paper bag card and even provided a tutorial on her blog.  Not only that, she sent me that very card and it is fabulous!  So I decided to give it a go!   They are so much fun to make and I love the touch of whimsey this style of card offers.  Thanks Cathy!!

Miss Gingerbread Tilda

 It is always so much fun to find a little surprise inside a card.

Ghirardelli chocolate yum!    "A Christmas goodie from me to  you - Eat it fast before I do!"

This is the back - I was experimenting and believe me I learned a lot!  First I wanted to leave the bag showing.  Then I glued the die cut card stock to the bag.  Easy right?  The next day I realized the glue went through the paper and glued the actual bag part together.  Oh no!  I had no place to put my gingerbread man - oh woe is me.  But I did learn so will try again cause I love these paper bag cards!!

Please visit my friends to see how they are celebrating Christmas in May.

Thanks so much for visiting and I sure do appreciate your comments.
XO Sandy