Monday, March 18, 2013

Flip and Flop

My life has been forever changed.  Last Saturday my husband and I drove down to South Carolina to pick up our to new babies Flip and Flop who are now in the neighborhood of ten weeks old.

Here is PaPa  Art with Floppy - he is carrying her to the cage he built for our SUV for the trip back to the mountains of Western North Carolina.  What a long trip for such a wee baby. Flip and Flop all settled in for their first cart trip.

Oh Mama!! Is this my very own "The grass is greener of the other side of the fence" pasture!??!!!!!!

Oh thank you Mama - thank you!  I want to give you a big kiss!!

At last Flip (the white male) and Flop ( the little one behind Flip) are home with Art and me.  It really leaves me with a huge smile on my face.  They are just like babies -- all they do is eat and poop and the minute Art or I leave them alone they start crying like you would not believe.  And they are loud too.  When the little male cries, it sounds like he is saying "Pa,Pa!"    So I run up and down the mountain all day to keep them company while they eat and poop.

My love to you all and I hope you enjoyed this post!!!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


It is time to post another another dictionary page.  The Craft Barn has chosen the letter M but with a twist.  This time it is "Ma through Me".  I chose the word MASK.

The dictionary I am using is so old that the paper is very fragile -- I have to be careful and they really want to curl up thus the clothes pins on the four corners.  I tried a metal clip but they tend to tear the paper.

I used a digital stamp called MIDNIGHT WARRIOR by the artist Sara Burrier.  I think she is gorgeous. So she became the inspiration for my work mask.   Please visit the Craft Barn to see all the wonderful dictionary pages.

Challenge entered -  The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge - the letter M - Ma through M

I have to admit I love these pages - learned a lot and especially what not to do !   I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my creative endeavors and all your comments make my heart smile (well as long as they are nice!)