Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner for One

Hey y'all.  Another week, another dollar my pa would say.  Once again it's Inventory Challenge time! I have been challenged to make a card using ribbon and lace.  Now let me tell you - that is one heck of a challenge for this mountain woman.  But it does remind me of when Tilda was invited to a fancy dress party.  Mama was all excited and really had to rummage through the trunk to find some pretty stuff to make Tilda a dress.  Mama was  hoping that Tilda would meet a proper suitor and settle down.  Little did she know . . . . .

Isn't Tilda's dress purty!  She looks just like an angel.

"KISS ME!" the frog said.  "And I will turn into a handsome prince and I will marry you.  You can cook my meals, wash my clothes and have my children . .  and we will live happily ever after."

That night, while dining on frog legs . . . . . . . . . .

The moral of this story is NEVER BELIEVE WHAT A FROG TELLS YOU!

My sincerest thanks to Angela Wood for the dress design. You can see the original on her blog.  I would like to invite you to visit my team mates for Inventory Challenge #19 ----
Christina,  Danielle ,  CharleneRene,  and  Jean.

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Hugs - Sandy

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tilda in Wonderland

Time sure does fly by when you are busy making cards!  This is my entry for Inventory Challenge #18.  We are being asked to use layers - as my Dad would say "lay it on Leon!"

This is a thank you card for my son Scott and his cute wife Daphene.  Scott loves movies every bit as much as I do ... and yes he is a little artsy fartsy!  Scott and Daphene built a home theater complete with stadium seating .  He has a large old timey popcorn popper which fills the room with that wonderful aroma of movie time popcorn.  And if we are really lucky, we might have an icy cold libation or two.  Thanks for the great memories kids!

 Presenting "Tilda in Wonderland"

Down the rabbit hole Tilda goes - round and round through layers of card stock, yarn, twine and Stickles.

Only to bump slap dab into the one and only Johnny Depp!!  Tilda is quite giddy with pleasure even though she has fallen a long way.  Fortunately, she lands in a pile of magic leaves! Oh my!!!!

 And they live happily ever after.


And of course there needs to be a place to leave a little love for my son and daughter-in-law ... so on the very back of the card .....

Okay my friends - it would pleasure me a great deal if you would visit my team mates 
  Christina Danielle, Charlene, Rene, and Jean in the 18th edition of the "Inventory Challenge!"  And I might add, all comments and love are gratefully accepted.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Boy!  It's a foggy, icy morning here in the mountains.  What could be more appropriate than a fire in the wood stove, a good cup of coffee and great friends as I hunker down over my computer to post my card for Inventory Challenge # 17.

FOUND in an old musty trunk, in a small cottage back in Sassafras Holler, a tag or is it a card from someone special to a lost love.

Slowly I opened the card ............



When what to my wondering eyes should appear  - oh wait, that's a different story!  Please join Danielle,
Christina, Charlene, and Rene as we play "Inventory Challenge 17" !  All comments are gratefully accepted.

Stay safe and warm where ever you are!   Sandy