Friday, February 11, 2011

Tilda in Wonderland

Time sure does fly by when you are busy making cards!  This is my entry for Inventory Challenge #18.  We are being asked to use layers - as my Dad would say "lay it on Leon!"

This is a thank you card for my son Scott and his cute wife Daphene.  Scott loves movies every bit as much as I do ... and yes he is a little artsy fartsy!  Scott and Daphene built a home theater complete with stadium seating .  He has a large old timey popcorn popper which fills the room with that wonderful aroma of movie time popcorn.  And if we are really lucky, we might have an icy cold libation or two.  Thanks for the great memories kids!

 Presenting "Tilda in Wonderland"

Down the rabbit hole Tilda goes - round and round through layers of card stock, yarn, twine and Stickles.

Only to bump slap dab into the one and only Johnny Depp!!  Tilda is quite giddy with pleasure even though she has fallen a long way.  Fortunately, she lands in a pile of magic leaves! Oh my!!!!

 And they live happily ever after.


And of course there needs to be a place to leave a little love for my son and daughter-in-law ... so on the very back of the card .....

Okay my friends - it would pleasure me a great deal if you would visit my team mates 
  Christina Danielle, Charlene, Rene, and Jean in the 18th edition of the "Inventory Challenge!"  And I might add, all comments and love are gratefully accepted.


paola said...

You're really good at spinning a yarn i gotta say, your coloring on your Tilda is gorgeous Sandy and i LOVE Johnny Depp, all those layers are gorgeous,with so many details on each, great work

Pat said...

Well, look at that...Paola beat me!! It's 2:30 a.m. here and I got up just to see your card and leave the first comment! (Not really, but it sounds good, doesn't it?!) Sandy, my dear, sweet, crazy talented Mountain Mama...where to start...first, Scott better ooh and ahhhh over this card because it's truly a work of art!! Your layers are fab...and I so love the distressing! (My Zutter came yesterday...thanks for the tip!)...and the yarn and 'em!! I had to look really close to figure out what's in the hole...a rabbit, right? (Work with me eyes ain't what they used to be!) So dang cute! And...Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter...LOVE IT!! The mushrooms are cool...and I love the drippy looking edging. Tilda is so dang cute rolling around in the leaves...I guess Johnny Depp can do that to a girl! The punched out leaves are so clever...and I love all the stickles! Such a fun story and card!! You've outdone just keep getting more and more intricate with your cards...You've come a long way, baby!! :-) Everything about this card is clever and cute and brilliantly executed. I wouldn't change a thing!! (Oh, except that you'd be sending it to me instead of Scott! LOL!)Another winner! Hugs...Pat

Iulia said...

Hi,Sandy! I just love your recent "distress" style and the stories which accompany each card. You have such an inventive mind! Love the shape of your card, that rabbit hole with distressed layers and, of course, that sweet adorable cutie-pie (Johnny Depp I mean, but Tilda is cute too:)).
Gorgeous colorwork and such sweet details! Your card is just magnificent! Great work!

Hugs to you and have a great week-end!

Leslie Anne Avila said...

I love that simulated rabbits hole. So interesting with all those different textures! YOu are super creative. Love this whole Alice in WOnderland!
Blessings to you~

Eve said...

lol, Sandy, this is too funny! Who would think Tilda & Johny Depp could be in a card, as a GREAT MATCH! LOL! Great card! ... oh btw, i luv Johny Depp too. He is one of two movie stars (male) i luv...

Hope C. said...

What an incredibly creative card! There are so many inventive and beautiful aspects - shape,texture, coloring and most of all the story. Great job!

Christina C. said...

Oh my goodness, Sandy, what a fabulous card!!!!!! I'm sure they will treasure this work of art! Love all your layers and that beautifully colored Tilda!
Truly enjoyed reading your post too!

Karen said...

Very creative Sandy, I love it!! : )

Billie's Scrappetique said...

Very cool, Sandy! I just love all the details.....and how you incorporated Johnny Depp. ;-)

Myrna said...

Oh Sandy, you are just too funny and your yarns you spin!!! You should write an illustrated book!! Your card is just out of this world cute!! Love it!

charlene said...

Sandy you have one creative mind ! This is just to cute and I love how you did the hole LOL ! Great job your coloring is perfecto my friend.

Kelly said...

I love your creativity and boldness, so I always look forward to seeing your next creation, this one does not dissappoint. Really nice.

Backyard Nature said...

I loooooove this card! Creative, great story, clever, just a few words that come to mind and the fact I just love it!
Sandy in Mo

Danielle Champagne said...

Sandy, I followed your story, mouth wide open, did not know what to expect, let me pick up my jaw, and free the keypad to type...
I'll start with the simulation of a hole, WOW! gorgeous. Love al the distressing, and each layer is interesting, and different. As far as Johnny's image (he's beautiful, in magician, or pirate or else) BUT your background is magnificient, and has so muchmagic in it. It just unlocked my imagination... Love the mushrooms, and the beautiful glittery swirl. then comes Tilda, in french we say "tourner le fer dans la plaie", this stamp is on my mind, and is no where to be found... You colored her so beautifully, and brought her to life so well, that you make want to have her... more. Love the beautiful lacy borders of your inner layers and the idea ofthe falling "glue", just let us know that Tilda has come from somewhere...
Sandy, you are quite an artist, such imagination, and talent. I can feel how much fun you had making this card, and I am so happy to see the expression of your happiness.
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs. D.
(I am going to dream about what happens to Tilda when she opens her eyes!!!)

Deanna Mulder said...

Sandy, your card is fantastic. Love the story it tells. You did a great job on the rabbit hole on the front and the inside. Love the whole thing.

Sharon Caudle said...

Sandy!!! Your imagination and creativity knows no limits!! I LOVE the rabbit hole and how you created it! WOW!!! This is one amazing card from one amazing talented artist! Thanks so much for taking me away on a trip down the rabbit hole today! Have a fabulous weekend!
hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Sandy I have to agree with everything everyone else has said, your 'yarn' had me smiling till the very end. I want to know how the heck you come up with such fabulous it!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cards are so creative. I love that you tell little stories with them. Beautiful work =)

Rene said...

Oh my "GAWD" Sandy!!!!! This is incredible! I need a minute...I'm all "verklempt" over this amazing amazing creation!'s hard to do but I think you just left this jabbermonkey speechless!
Rene :D

Tinx said...

Sandy, I love your commentary on your cards. You must really love Mr. Depp! And can I just say that I am a music and movie fiend! I can talk about newbies and classics all day. Your sons theater room sounds awesome! They will def. love this card when they receive it. I love its wittiness and the color scheme and especially the drippy goo border punch. It's MS right? I've been looking around for that one.



Pen to Paper said...

Oh Sandy Tinx is my first blogger account, I forget to switch. It's Jackie from Pen To Paper.


Barb Hardeman said...

Sandy! This is so fantastically creative you really got the feeling of falling through the earth down beautifully. The distressed layers, the twine and decreasing layers are a wonderful idea. THEN comes the amazing surprise on the inside! I'm going to write Mr. Depp and tell him that you're using his photos on your cards!!! He would love how creatively you showcase him! LOL
Tilda is perfect on the inside! What a darling rolling around at the bottom of the hole! How do you do it? How do you come up with such fantastic stories and then pull them all together in picture form. This is really delightful-I can't wait for your next one!

Janine said...

Love your card!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Oh Sandy (I hear John Travolta creation is just FABulous! You had me laughing & oohhing & aaawwwing. Love it & love your sense of humor. LOL Very creative & imaginative of you!

I'm sure your son & dil will love it & all of the thought & love you put into it.

Huggies ~ Sharron♥

Jean said...

Oh my Sandy this is soooo beautiful and so unusual.. somehting I would never have thought about doing much less knowing how to do it.. I love this card and the unusual scene makes it all the more interesting as you want to know what is in the hole.. so smart.. I really love it..
Hugs, Jean

H said...

Oh darling Sandy what an incredibly creative card! There are so many beautiful aspects, shape coloring and most of all the story!!! And Tilda rolling around in the leaves on the bottom of the hole,how you get that idea, you are truly amazing.
Looking forward to your next project
Hugs harma

Card Crazy said...

What can I say, Sandy. First, I dearly love your "a bit off center" creativity and imagination. This card is so cute, creative and detailed. Your use of the images is pure genius and I love the story!
I always look forward to your works of art, for the big smiles they give me.
Sue S.
P.S. That Drippy Goo border punch is the perfect touch!

Diana Crick said...

Good old Johnny Depp makes an appearance once again....too funny. I love how your mind works Sandy, fascinating and fun. GREAT card!!!

Julie said...

This is too cute! Such a fun and clever idea! You have really given the feeling that Tilda has fallen down the rabbit hole.


Judy K. said...

How cute is that Sandy! Very Creative, you go girl!!!!
Judy K.

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Sandy!
You did it once again. You are so talented with your stories and creations. Really love this one.
Hugs Maz

cathylynn said...

Hey Girl!!! Wow you did it again!! Johnny Depp... You know I never really paid any attention to him until you put him on a card a few months ago. Now I'm Hooked On Johnny .... of course not it's Sandy's cards. YEH!!! Wow you have one vivid imagination. How do you dream this stuff up? Pure talent my friend. I love what you've done here. And... my mouth could almost taste that popcorn. You're REAL GOOD!!!!! Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

LINDA W. said...

Great card your coloring and such a great ideal
with the rabbit hole.
Hugs Linda

Fran said...

Hey girl I am so impressed with this card. It is awesome. I love every little detail of it. You colored Tilda exquisitely. And coloring in red is hard to do but you are on it!!!!!Hugs, Fran

Sheri said...

When I saw your post, I wanted too be sure I had a cup of coffee so I could thoroughly enjoy the journey I knew I was about to go on...I had know idea though that I fall down the rabbit hole! How fun Sandy!! Your creativity is genus!!!

Becca said...

Sandy, this is so much fun! We all need a bit of humour in our lives so thanks so much for sharing! Love the Mad Hatter and Tilda falling......

Chris said...

Sandy, what a great card.

Candy said...

Sandy - I just can't believe the work on this wonderful card!!!!
Your imagination is growing along with your story telling and I am completely in awe of you.
LOVE all the layers on the front and the teeny rabbit down the hole :o)
Johnny Depp - again!!! Brilliant, and all that gorgeous decorating surrounding him!
Tilda didn't have a chance after seeing HIM did she??
Such an awesome piece of work - I know that your son and daughter-in-law will love your card.
Big hugs my friend, Candy

Maribel said...

I love it!!!! So creative and different.

Patricia Garcia said...

What an amazing card Sandy, love all the layers! Great coloring too, I love to swing by your blog!


cabio's craft corner said...

Sandy, this is so cute, you are so incredibly talented!! It's always a brighten up my day feeling to come visit here :o)

Lisette Morris said...

Always love your unique cards and how they tell a story! So much fun!

Melanie said...

Sister of this newest one. You continue to amaze me with your creativity. The three cards that you have gifted me with will always be cherished. XXOO M.

Kathy said...

You are so clever Sandy! Love the many layers, and Tilda at the end in her pile. Always amazed by your creativity and ability to think outside of the box. Another great creation. Your DS and DIL will love this!

Norma said...

Sandy, I love your imagination!!! And I’ll take Johnny Depp any day! Love your storybook of a card. It’s fabulous.


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