Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Sweet Life

 At the very last minute I am posting my newest journal spread for Art Journal Journey.  I did have more fun doing this than I thought I would have - maybe I am starting to relax and just learn to have fun.  My inspiration for this came from my sweet British friend Sarn at Stamping for Pleasure
She makes the best art journal pages.

Last time I told the story of being brought up by my grandparents and having the most delicious Southern Food.    I all but lived with my grandparents and they always had a garden in their back yard.  They also had a detached garage and it seems that there was always  a litter of wild kittens living with their Mama under the garage.  I would lay on my tummy and stick my skinny little arm way under the garage and occasionally I would get lucky and catch a little kitten.  But more times than not my arm came out with a bunch of little scratches.  YES!  It was a sweet life and I loved being with my grandparents!

I really want to do more work in my journal as I do learn a lot - I just hate messing up!!!!  I would also like for you to visit my friend Valerie who is one heck of a good artist - I love her posts and all of her pictures.  She is so much fun to visit.

Thanks for visiting - I do appreciate all of your encouragement.  You all are the best!


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Monday, January 16, 2017

Southern Lady

I was born and raised in the South (yes I know, you raise corn and rear children) but in the South you are raised!  I lived mostly with my grandparents and miss them terribly, They taught me about unconditional love, about being content with what you have and a love for Southern Cooking.  I mean to tell you my "Nanny" could cook.  The best cornbread and collard greens in the world.  You would slather your cornbread with real fresh country butter and it was like eating gold.  Nanny never kept her butter in the refrigerator - no it stayed in a special dish on the kitchen table. And my grandfather "Paw" would cook the best T bone steak fried in a cast iron frying pan on the gas stove.  They did not have a grill.  Most of the pans they cooked in were cast iron.  I sure wish I had my grandmother's cast iron pans!    I do cook in cast iron pans now - couldn't make biscuits without a good cast iron fry pan.
Please enjoy some home made biscuits with chicken gravy and fried chicken.  Or how bout some fried catfish with cornbread and collard greens?  Of course to wash it down you had a big glass of ice cold sweet tea!   Enjoy!!!!

I am posting this to Art Journal Journey.
The theme for this month is story telling and I would love to share some of the Southern United States with you!

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