Sunday, October 19, 2014

Boo to You Too!

I am not going to be too wordy with this - I think it is self explanatory.  I do love Halloween and I made a paper bag album to celebrate the season.  Yes I love albums and paper bags too!

First two pages

turning the page

You can put a creepy gift inside the bag.
The End!

This album consists of 3 paper bags and has different nooks and crannies for tags and such..

Ya'll have a fantastic Halloween and keep those BOOS coming.
Thanks for your visit and your neat comments.
Sandy xx

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hey Y'all!

It has been a while since I posted.  Busy, busy summer and lots going on here.  I have been working on a little project and can't believe I am going to post it before it is even finished!!  My very talented and sweet friend Cathy Lynn knows how much I love paper bag cards and albums.  A good while back, she told me about vertical paper bag albums and sent me the site for the instructions.  I have been working on one for my daughter as a keepsake. 

 The cover of the album and the album standing on it's side.  Picture number three is the first page of the album.  In the flap on the inside cover is a picture of Stacy.  Turn it over and you have a picture of Stacy and me when she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll.

That picture of me is over 20 years old!  Gasp! Gasp!

The page with the flowers on it is a flap that you open up and once open you will see --

These are pictures of my daughter when she was very young with her paternal grandmother and her paternal great grandmother.  I was so thin then!  When you turn the page over, there is a pocket with a picture of Stacy and her dad.

This is one of my favorite pages - open it up and you will find ---

On the left side of the flap is Stacy and her brother when they were wee ones.  One the right hand side is Stacy and her brother Scott and Scott's first born son Aaron.

The picture of the lady on the right is actually a drawing that my husband's grandfather drew many, many years ago.  It is a real keepsake.

Open the flap and you will find a montage of starting from the bottom up - Stacy at five when she gave herself a haircut.  Caroline, Stacy's second daughter, thinks it is so funny.  Nicole, Stacy's first daughter, with her hair (what hair) rolled up and Stacy when she was three and getting ready for her first dance recital.  On the right hand side is Stacy on her wedding day with her Maid of Honor Ginny, pinning in her vail.
Now there is a tag that you barely see on the left hand side of the book - let's take it out and see what is on the back!

That's Joe Jr. when when was around five I think.  Joe has always liked pretty girls.  When he was still in a high chair and a pretty girl would go by ( usually the waitress) he would turn  all the way around in  his chair to see her!  I think he really appreciates the pictures of his Mom and sisters!

This is another one of my favorite pages.  A tribute to Stacy when she was in the Peace Corp.  Stacy lived in Poland for two years some twenty years ago.  In the flap on the left is a postcard from Ulanow.  The village where Stacy lived.  On the back of the post card is a picture of Stacy's two best friends who also were in the Peace Corp and lived in other parts of Poland.   I give you Kirk, Stacy, and JP!

Open the right flap and you will see  a picture from the newspaper and Stacy when she was quite young at one of her dance recitals.

I am not going to show you every single page but I do have one more -----

Last and final page - Joe proposing to Stacy and in the flap on the back cover is .......

is a picture of Stacy and Joe the day before the wedding.  Turn this picture over and skip a few years and you will see .......

The Arch kids - Sarah, Nicole, Caroline and Joe!!!!!

The back cover.

This is made of 6 paper bags and I have not finished.  I have more pictures to go in some flaps and then there are the 6 bags to make tags for.

So as you see I have not been completely idle!!!

Thanks for your visit and your time!!!!!!!!!