Monday, May 30, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh dear I did let time get away from me again.  You would think that since this Christmas Card Club let me join that at least I could be on time.

The theme is Christmas Carols and was chosen by Rita. I don't think my card is what Rita had in mind but I had to continue my mouse theme.  I am bound and determined to use all of my sweet babies!

Such wonderful Christmas music!  That is ky my cat Tink and the other cutie?  Well I think he might be Maxwell the Great.  He has to be great to have the courage to teach a cat how to sing!!  But then again, Tink is so very loving.  At 20 pounds, he is my baby boy.

Of all my little mice, this is the smallest in the collection.  Oh I wish you could see her for real!  Amazing and so beautiful!  She measures 2 and 3/4 inches (7cm) wide and exactly one inch (2.5 cm) high.

I want to thank everyone who stops in for a visit and your comments are always appreciated.  I do hope that everyone is well and that life is treating you kindly.

By the way - I have also linked my card to Try It on Tuesday!  Do go and check it all out!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Brrr - Snowy Trees

It is once again time to post a card for my Christmas Card Club.   Christine has challenged us to make a card with the theme 'Snowy Trees'.  I have challenged my self to make as many mice cards I can that fit into the challenge.  So far so good.  I also like showing off my wee mice collection.  I do love my little"mices" ever so much.

"Brrrr Mama - it is cold out here but I sure appreciate my blanket!"

After spending the night out in the cold night up a tree, little Artie made it  home safe and sound.  And guess what?  Mama Mouse had a nice plateful of hot pancakes for him with homemade syrup.
I wish I could make little mice like this.  Annette Peterson who started all this wonderful fantasy world by making her little critters out of baker's dough.  Now I think she makes them out of clay and then makes a mold for them.  The detail is incredible.  This one is 2 and 1/4 inches wide (6 cm) and 2 inches high (5cm).  I love miniatures but I imagine most people do.

I am also sure that most of you follow the very talented Alison.  Her mother has her own doll house museum that is wonderful.  I think if you go to Alison's blog you can find a way to her Mum's doll houses full of wonderful miniatures.  Alison makes a lot of the goodies inside the houses herself.  It is a real treat to see!

 I really want those of you who follow me to know how much I appreciate your kind words.  I must admit, one of my most favorite things to do is seeing what y'all are creating out there in 'Blogland' - Dang you are so good!!!!!

Sandy xx

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pretty Poinsettias

It is time to post my card for my Christmas Card Club challenge #9.  Our theme, Poinsettias, was chosen by Mary

More computer problems coming my way.  My wonderful husband wants to try to fix it himself so he does have a program working where I can get my mail and post but I have to go around the yard and through the kitchen door to post!  I do hope he gets my original program to work!  There was a day when I would have become quite upset but I have learned to say "whatever" - it's called going with the flow.  Now the keeper of the flame, The Duchess, kindly helped me out once again.  Thank you Margaret!

This is an image from a House Mouse CD.  I saw several people who had previously used colored images and then colored over the image .  As I did not have this stamp I told myself "Sandy just do it!"  To be honest with you, it is the hardest one to color I have done yet.  I used a combination of  Derwent Inktense , Faber Castell and Prismacolor  colored pencils.  So far, my choice of product to use for coloring is colored pencils.  I have a lot to learn using them but for once I can honestly say I really enjoy coloring.
Isn't she sweet - she is only one and a half (4cm) high and one and a half inch (4cm) wide!

Are you getting ready for Christmas -- I am!!!!!  If you want to see some great ideas using Poinsettias then look on the right side of my blog for the members of my Christmas Club and click on their name!

Thanks for your visit and all the love and encouragement you give me!