Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lesson #8

As a lot of you know, I have been taking a techniques class with Tim Holtz.  Unfortunately I did not make it very clear and several people thought it was live and in person. But no . . . it is an on line course.  Here are the three tags I made from lesson #8.

Reading from left to right -  Paint Dabber Resist.  I had fun with this which is done on canvas (thanks Sandra).  My acrylic paint dabber was not light enough and my distress stains were all too dark.  I have ordered more distress stains and I will use white acrylic paint  the next time I do this.
  The second tag is Crackle Paint Resist and once again the distress stains are too dark  - I covered too much area with crackle paint and I did not have enough ink on my sentiment. Oh woe is me!!
  The third technique is my favorite and I will definitely do this again.  Shattered Stains technique. You guessed it, my small selection of distress stains are really on the dark side.  But this technique was so much fun and will make great embellishments on cards and tags.  Will definitely be doing this again. 

I am so glad I took this On Line class.  The neat thing is, I can keep these classes on my computer and refer back to them again and again.  I have several more classes to play with but they will have to wait until all grandchildren are safely home with their Mom Dad!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now This is FUN!

I am taking my very first class with the Master himself Mr. Tim Holtz.  My sweet friend Sandra told me about this  class and if you ever get a chance to take one of his classes then do.  Class #2 --

Reading from left to right - tag one - Blended Distress/Spritz & Flick Technique.  Tag two - Brushless Watercolor Technique and tag three Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique.

Class #3

Again reading left to right --- tags one and two - Alcohol Ink Agates Technique.  Tag three - Archival Resist Technique.

While Mr. Tim is flying to the moon,  I am busy driving to the airport with ink stained hands and a big smile on my face!!!!  I need more product but I can tell you this - I love what I am doing - FUN!!!     In real life, the tags are brighter.
I  read all your sweet comments and do appreciate them so much!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I was asked to join a delightful group of women who have a very interesting challenge.  Every month a different image is used and everyone uses that same image.  It is a lot of fun to see how many different styles and personalities make cards using the very same image.   This is the stamp for the month of March.  I will be sending this card to my niece who turns 50 soon.  Thought the black color would be ideal!

Thanks for visiting and I hope this cute couple make you smile.  They sure are having fun dancing in the dark!
I do read and appreciate all  your kind comments.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Beware of the " 'EYES' OF MARCH!"

The first image is from the very talented Lisa at You Made Me Ink! The second image I bought from  Dawn Collins who has a store on Etsy called LilyPinkScraps.    I  think the cats suit each other to a tea!!!  What do you think!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Y'all!  I have made some tags for my daughter's kids in hopes that they will enjoy a little green come the 17th.  And yes, I put a little pocket on the back for a secret message and maybe a little something green for the luck of the Irish!!!

This is Nicole's book mark card - she had a purple streak put in her hair for Christmas  - I know she is glad that her Mama took her to a beauty parlor instead of having Nanny do it!!!!!! Nicole was just inducted into the National Honor Society - way to go Nicole!

This card is for Miss Caroline who has always preferred "boy" toys to girl things.  She recently was in a contest with 5 other kids - they had to write their own play, make all the props and backdrops and their own costumes.  It really was grand and her team won!

This is for Joe - happy Joe the only boy in the family!  He is so very sweet and there was a time he said he would marry me.  But now he has changed his mind because you are NOT supposed to marry someone in your family.  Besides, as he told me last week, he is just too  young to get married. 

And this is for Sweet Sarah - did I say sweet?  Sara is the youngest and believe me she plays second fiddle to no one.  She will be 5 this month and she love to prance and dance!!!!!

Okay gang -- I always get disappointed when I post because my colors never come out true to life no matter how hard I try.  I hope y'all have a Nanny that will stuff a little green in your pocket.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Note Cards

I made a couple of smaller cards to send as notes.  They were kind of fun and I do love Krista's sweet drawings.  She is so very creative and I think her images will help me learn to color.

And the second little card -

I closed this one together with a little bow tied with twine.

That's it for today. We will be going out of town for a little while and I will not have access to a computer.  I do appreciate all of your kind comments and I know I will be chopping at the bit to see all of the wonderful creations that were posted while I was away!