Friday, January 21, 2011

To Market To Market

Hey Y'all !

This card was made especially for the  inventory challenge #15 and I am late getting it posted!!  Oh woe is me!
This week's challenge is all about  LUV!!  And I mean to tell you,  Mama knows all about LUV and pleasing her man.

So that's the advice Mama has  for this particular situation but I suggest that you visit Danielle cause I know those French speaking ladies know a thing or two about LUV.  After that you can visit Christina, Charlene and Rene who  also have their opinions on LUV too!


Pat said...

Oh Mountain crack me up!! I face almost cracks from smilin' when I see your artwork! I've said it before and I'll say it again...your brain is CRAZY CLEVER!! You must have little green gnomes up there coming up with this stuff! hehehe!Now, listen, darlin'...believe this...your coloring is just stunning!! And your paper piecing is absolutely spot on!! I have to say, tho...I feel sorry for that little piggy who's about to get an apple stuffed in his mouth! ewwwww...I hate thinking about my food in its former state! LOL!! You nailed this "LOVE" theme...and see, you CAN do pretty cards!! :-)
Hugs...Pat Frank

Chris said...

Well jiggity jig, is this the cutest card ever! Sandy, I love your stamps (especially that stove) as well as the layout design! Your coloring is fantastic and I love, love, love the paper choices. I also think the subtle humor is hilarious! Fresh from Sandy's Bar-B-Que! LOL

Love your card soooooooooo much! Need my address?

Chris Christensen

Kylie said...

hehehe - Sandy - I looove visiting your blog. You always bring a smile to my face and this is no exception. Love the sentiment, love the card, LOVE IT ALL!!

Danielle Champagne said...

LOL Sandy, if you could see me right now, you deserve an OSCAR.
On FRench TV, when I was a small girl, that is a loooooong time ago, as TV was black and white... There was an add on EASYOFF.. and you could hear a mom's voice to her daughter saying: See girl, that's what you get for falling in love... 20 years withyour head in the oven...
YOU DESERVE AN AWARD!!!! I am giving it to you. LOL. You made me laught so much.
HUGS. XXXXX Danielle.

Danielle Champagne said...

ps: FRench Speaking ladies don't know more about love, Actually, Should have listed carefully.But... there is hope. I now have a self clean oven LOL LOL
HUgs. D.

Barb Hardeman said...

Darlin' darlin' darlin! You're cookin'. LOL! Again your sense of humor shines through. This is a pretty card, and you said you couldn't make a pretty card!!!Phewwwt! Your coloring of all these images is A#1. Totally delightful dp's. Great job!

Rene said...

Well well well....look who is making the world's cutest card today! I loooove it! The papers on the inside are so perfect with your Tilda, you know, the one cookin' up a batch of luv! :D
The outside is just beautiful too! Now, you were telling me you can't do bows but this looks marvelous to me!
Teacher gives you an A (I would give you an A plus but I don't know where the damn plus sign is on this iPad!). :D

Billie's Scrappetique said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Amazing job, Sandy!!

Karen said...

I love this Sandy! You did a beautiful job on it and I love, love your humor!! : )

Patty said...

You said you're a beginner???? HA!!! There's no way that you're a beginner at coloring or card making. This card is GORGEOUS!!! I just love how you make the inside as elaborate or more than the outside! I'm so in awe of your work! Need my address? I'll share it with you!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Well, what a great way to start the day :) Your beautiful card has started me off with a a grin and a chuckle Sandy. LOL Your coloring is fabulous and that sentiment just really cracks me should make it a stamp and copyright it haha.Have a great day my friend.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You gave me a good chuckle, Sandy! Love your sense of humor!!! You always put so much work into your cards. Beautiful image on the cover of your card and another beautiful scene on the inside. Gorgeous coloring and love the awesome sentiment! Have a great weekend! ps. Hope that oven gets alot of use! baahaa!! big hugs, Angela

Sharon Caudle said...

LMBO! You are too funn! Love it, Sandy!!! Your fabulous coloring and your amazing sense of humor. This is so stinkin' ADORABLE and FUN!!!
hugs, Sharon

Pam said...'re too clever and funny! Love this card...especially the inside with the oven and oops Tilda. TFS
Hugs from Indiana,

Sherry said...

Love it !! I liked the front and then had to giggle when I saw the inside. Great job.

charlene said...

Sandy your a just a hoot ! Your card is adorable I am sure glad to have you playing with us ! Awesome coloring

Norma said...

Sandy, you crack me up! Love your gorgeous card. And WOW, using 3 images--that usually take me just about forever to do. Your DP's are gorgeous and that triple border is fabulous.


LINDA W. said...

Great your coloring
HUGS Linda

Eve said...

so cute, so cute, inside out!! luv the colors too! :-)

Kathy said...

This totally made me laugh Sandy! You've got a great sense of humor (that poor little piggy, almost made me a vegetarian here, if I didn't love bacon so much, lol)! Your coloring is so great, and I always love how you present the sweetest outside, then the humor comes through on the innies, so creative and well done! Another great project from you!

Card Crazy said...

Sandy, you're so creative. This card is too cute, do I detect some paper piecing in polka dots? I'm just wondering what it is that Tilda's cookin' in the oven? Hmmmm.......
Sue S.

Only By His Grace said...

Oh Sandy! you are so good for me. I need your humor. Poor Miss piggy.
Your card is super cute and that coloring is awesome.
Hugs Maz

paola said...

Remind me who said they couldnt do pretty! this is positively adorable, and its just like you to remind a girl of her place, lol

Kelly said...

We all know that food is number one for our guys. I love this card, especially the inside.

Juliep said...

This is too cute. I love your design and the inside is just as cute as the outside. Thanks so much for sharing.

Diana Crick said...

LOL, Is she going to cook that adorale piglet...pork chops for supper. Luv the cooking scene, adorable.
Maggie hugs,

Connie M. said...

Oh wow, Sandy!! This is just sooo adorable! I love all the layers, and your coloring is out of this world! Thanks so much for you sweet comment on my blog...I have added myself to your followers too! Hugs!!


Christina C. said...

Hahahahaha...Sandy, you are a riot!!!! I'm not French, but I'm a fantastic cook and that's why my husband married me!!!! There is a saying in German "love goes through the stomach"....ok, not very good translated, but you know what I mean!!!
Your card is ADORABLE! lOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

So cute Sandy! Such fun images to go with your sentiments inside and out! Adorably colored and created! TFS!
Pam Going Postal

Chris said...

Sandy, she is sooo cute. I love it.

Fran said...

Girlfriend I never and mean never want to read again that your coloring is not good. The image on this card is absolutely adorable and colored just right! I love the inside too. You did one outstanding job on this card. Your buddy, Fran

Iulia said...

Hehe! I went straight to the kitchen upon seeing your card! Just wanted to make sure there was something in the fridge for my hubby because in the oven... not a chance:))
Beautiful card! Love that paper piecing (great choice of patterns), beautiful coloring and all in all, everything one has to know about "LUV":))
We say here that "loves goes through one's stomach"; now, I don't know about the exact English expression but I'll surely visit those "French speaking" ladies maybe (hopefully) they have different opinions:))
Have a great Sunday, Sandy!
Hugs, iulia

Janie Printz said...

Super cute card Sandy, love your coloring, papers & wonderful sense of humor. How better to start the day off than with a great card, a smile & a little chuckle.
Hugs, Janie

Candy said...

Hi Sandy!
Now you're 'cookin with gas'!!
Awesome card! Your sense of humour shines again :o)
BUT WAIT! You said you couldn't make a PRETTY card! You lied!!
This one is gorgeous!!!!! Love your papers and the fact that you always use so many images on your cards. Beautiful paper piecing and colouring.
Your knocking our socks off .....
Big hugs, Candy

Patricia Garcia said...

Wow Super cute card, love the colored images, the pretty papers and your sense of humor the BEST!!! I always enjoy visiting your Blog!!


Maureen said...

Noooo! Poor piggy! (Yes, I am a hypocrite - I love bacon), but this has made me crack up Sandy! You are hilarious! Oh and you make beautiful cards too... ;)

Jacque said... are a trip!!! This is just the most fun card ever!!! Great coloring clever, you are!!!! Hugs..Jacque

cabio's craft corner said...

Sweet & beautiful card. Thanks for sharing :o)

Love to scrap Lyndra said...

You did a wonderful job, your coloring is wonderful, I love the hearts and the border trim,and the oven is great.

Regina said...

Sandy!!! I spend some minutes reading all the comments!!! Love each one and realize what you mean on your card. Loooooooooove each comment and I could understand and also have some good moments here!!!:)))
Thanks a lot for being such wonderful woman. You´re an example of good humour to everyone!!!

and... your coloring is absolutely amazing as well as your card layout. LOVE!!!!!!!



Pen to Paper said...

Hi Sandy, just catching up on some of your posts I haven't seen yet. This one super cute. I really love that sweet Tilda and they way you've decorated. Very cool!



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