Friday, September 2, 2011

The Dark Side

Inventory Challenge # 47 - Favorite Things

One of my most favorite times of year is Autumn and the fun of Halloween.  Mama really loved Halloween.  One year she dressed up as a witch and stood at the front door with a rubber glove filled with ice attached to a broom stick.  Every kid that came trick or treating had to shake hands with her cold, slimy rubber hand.  Then she would cackle -  BWA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Unfortunately you cannot see the magenta ribbon trim framing the outside edges of the card.  Nor can you see the big fuzzy cat's tail.  Boo Hoo .......

The Night After

One Candy Corn Martini please

Tucked inside the paper bag is a  toast from one witch to another!

And the very back of my Dark Side paper bag card ...

Please visit my talented team mates as they share with you one of their favorite things.

Cathy Lynn

This card will be entered into the following challenge - 
The Corrosive Challenge #131  -  Come t the Dark Side

Thanks so much for your visit!   Sandy


paola said...

GORGEOUS!!!! SO MANY STUNNING DETAILS, and your coloring is awesome, this sure is a masterpiece!

Christina C. said...

Well, aren't you the CREATIVE ONE!!!!
I can see all the luscious details once I click and enlarge your stunning creation!!! Your mother sounds like a "hoot"...hahahahaha!
Toooo funny!
Phenomenal job, dear friend!!!!!

cathylynn said...

Hey Sandy your card TOTALLY HOOTS AWESOME!!!!! My goodness girl you put a lot of work into this beauty!!! I clicked on the first picture and your details are amazing along with all your other pics. I'm in Awe here!!! Great job dear friend!!!
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn
ps that witch cracked me up!!!! Hey I needed that !!

Paula said...

CUTE! I love your "dark side". The Night After is just too cute!!

Danielle Champagne said...

OH! OMG!!! I was expecting the Dark side of the moon... LOL. Well, Sandy, that makes 2 of us, I love Halloween, I have this thing about witches... I love your card very much, this frame type with the little cat in front, is simply awesome. I love the fact that the inside of your card, reveals always a certain surprise... that poor witch, hope she has a good tonic for hangover!!!!!!!!

Only By His Grace said...

Wow Sandy, fabulous job on this Halloween card. You are so creative.
I love it.
Your Mama sounded like a real hoot. Me thinks you take after her LOL.
Hugs Maz

Barb Hardeman said...

You really excelled on this paper bag card Sandy! It's spook-tacular! Love all the many details you took care to include from the distressed edges to the beautiful punched corners, to the sassy martini and the cute little rhyme! Another Sandy original creation to knock our socks off with!

Rene said...

LOL! Your mama was AWESOME! I'm going to do that when the girls are older!!!
I clicked on the picture and could see the magenta...but not the fluffy tail. I bet it's purr-fect!
Love this card...I love Halloween too! Spook-tacular!
Rene ;D

EnblogSail said...

Sandy, you card is full of stories! v cool!

Anonymous said...

OOOH I just ADORE Halloween!! :) Such great Fall colors and what a spooktacular design on them hun!!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy your weekend friend!!

Linda Palmer said...

Wow Sandy!! This is fabulous. I love everything about this card. Great toast, did you make it up? I love it and love the martini..Have a great weekend.

Pam Sparks said...

Made me chuckle Sandy! Now we know where you got your ornery-ness and sense of humor! I would have been screaming! Love how you placed the kitty looking in on the scene... very creative paper bag designing! I have a feeling you've already got another creation coming to life in your mind! take care and have a great weekend!

Iulia said...

Now, this is a wowzer Sandy! You amaze me with your elaborate cards with so many twists and stories. Your Mama must have been a bit; the scene you depicted sounds spooky to me...hehe. I bet those kids didn'[t come back any time soon!
You are an expert in this paper bag cards- I really have to make one of these now! I just love everything here, the way the story flows, that Gorgeous toast, the frame- saw the lace trim but no idea what tail you're talking (maybe you cut it off:))
Such a pity we don't have these Halloween stuff, seems to be really fun.
Love your card, really spooktacular! Gotta run now, will be back later!
Luv and hugs, Iulia

Eve said...

We once did the similar thing with your mama. We watched that kids were getting close to the door, then, we turned off light, and opened the door, slowly, two of us wearing the GHOULS outfit, with mask, black mesh, no face!!! LOL LOL LOL Unfortunately one kid CRIED.. oh well, it's halloween that do they expect, TO GET CANDIES, right??!! LOL!;-)You have put so much details on your card! Luv that martini & Witch in the bathtub! My kinda witch! LOL! ;-)

Pat said...

Hi Sandy...hehehe! That Mama...she's a hoot!! Your paper bag cards are fabulous!! Ya know what I think? I think you need to put a tutorial on your blog explaining how to make one of these darling little works of art! I remember when you used that witch in the cauldron last year...I loved it then...and I love it this year. So many fun elements to drool over...and your coloring and designwork are gorgeous!! Hugs. Pat

Kathy said...

What a masterpiece Sandy. The witch in the cauldron is a hoot! And the toast is great. Really love the candycorn martini, too (I'll be over around 9 for one, lol). Beautifully done as always!

Cami said...

Oh what FUN your card is with all the details and of course I always love to read your "story" to the creation! What a masterpiece this is Sandy!
Hugs, Cami

Anonymous said...

Just Wonderful Sandy! Love your attention to detail,amazing card
Hugs julie P

Candy said...

Awesome work, Sandy!
Hugs, Candy

Unknown said...

Wowzer sandy!!!!Love love this spooky card~!!!!! Love the colors the house the cat and all the details!!!!!! the inside of the card is fabulous too!!!!! What a super gorgeous creation!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Hey there.....this is my favorite card so far! Love the kitty! Best witches my sweet sister! XXOO

Jacque said...

Sandy, this is too cute...gosh you have used so many details and your stories are always so much fun!!! Great card, sweetie...Big hugs..Jacque

Jan Hennings said...

Such cute Halloween cards and so much detail! Halloween is such a fun time of year and I'm looking forward to cooler temps next month! Love the story about your moms rubber hand...LOL!

Monique said...

Wow what a gorgeous card. Such lovely details!

Hugs Monique

Jean said...

Oh Sandy, I love this card.. So many details I love looking at everything and yes I can see the magenta ribbon trim framing the outside edges and the cats tail, with a magnifying glass and my ott light, the magenta ribbon is like round swirly q's and the tail is curly.. love your toast from one witch to another and the end is adorable.. This card is so Halloween.. Great card...
Hugs, Jean


You certainly can whip up a spooky card!
Tammy Louise

charlene said...

This is just to cute !

Unknown said...

Oh! How cute, and spooky :O)

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