Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner for One

Hey y'all.  Another week, another dollar my pa would say.  Once again it's Inventory Challenge time! I have been challenged to make a card using ribbon and lace.  Now let me tell you - that is one heck of a challenge for this mountain woman.  But it does remind me of when Tilda was invited to a fancy dress party.  Mama was all excited and really had to rummage through the trunk to find some pretty stuff to make Tilda a dress.  Mama was  hoping that Tilda would meet a proper suitor and settle down.  Little did she know . . . . .

Isn't Tilda's dress purty!  She looks just like an angel.

"KISS ME!" the frog said.  "And I will turn into a handsome prince and I will marry you.  You can cook my meals, wash my clothes and have my children . .  and we will live happily ever after."

That night, while dining on frog legs . . . . . . . . . .

The moral of this story is NEVER BELIEVE WHAT A FROG TELLS YOU!

My sincerest thanks to Angela Wood for the dress design. You can see the original on her blog.  I would like to invite you to visit my team mates for Inventory Challenge #19 ----
Christina,  Danielle ,  CharleneRene,  and  Jean.

Additional challenge:   Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog

Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I sure do appreciate your comments.

Hugs - Sandy


Christine said...

Sandy, what a fantastic card! So cute, and so funny on the inside! LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL! What a clever wit you have, Sandy! You have done an amazing job with your card. Tilda's dress is divine and your coloring is wonderful. I love the story you have created on the inside - so funny! Thanks for playing along with us at the Magnolia-licious Challenge blog. hugs, Angela

Eve said...

yes, her dress is very "purty"! luv Pink, Red & Black you used for this card! And i luv your MORAL! LOL!.. there were lots of HUGE frogs in Guam where i once lived....

Pat said...

Hey Mountain Mama...well,'ve done it again!! Created the most adorable card with a clever little story to boot!! I love the way your little Tilda turned out...she sure does look gorgeous in her "prom dress"...and the design and edging and bows are just so girly girl!! I'm tellin' ya...I couldn't scroll down fast enough...because I knew something fun was waiting for me inside! And darlin' did not disappoint!! I almost pee'd my pants when I read the thing about Tilda eating frog legs!!! You are so stinkin' cute!!! Your coloring is amazzzzzzing...the colors are so soft...and, of course, I luv the generous use of stickles!! I'm so tickled that you combined your should enter this in some other ones too...time to win yourself some freeeeeeeeeeeee stuff, baby!! Oh...also noticed the "hugs" at the end of your post!! bwahahahahaha!! You rock!! We'll talk this weekend!! Pat

Christina C. said...

My goodness, Sandy.....this is fabulous!!!! You are sooo creative!!! I enjoyed your little story too, mountain mama!!!
The inside of your card is totally it!

Lisette Morris said...

Ha Ha Ha!! This is too funny and very cute!! Great Job!

Billie's Scrappetique said...

You are so cute and creative! I love the hearts for Tilda's dress and your cute little text inside....great job! Hope you feel better soon!

charlene said...

Sandy you just make me smile everytime I read the words you type ! Just adorable my friend great job on the prom dress and the frog prince.

Karen said...

Cute card Sandy! Love your humor!! : )

Backyard Nature said...

Very creative, cute and love the story!
Sandy in Mo

Danielle Champagne said...

Hi! Sandy, you make me laugh so much with your stories. I enjoy everyone of them. Your Tilda is very very "purty", love her dress.
The inside is also very cute, well done Mountain Mama.
Hugs. D.

Pen to Paper said...

Sandy, I love this card so much! As i kept reading I was thinking I hope there's more! I want to read more! Your stories are soooo funny! Love it!



PinkLadyCarol said...

So cute Sandy! Great card.

Deanna Mulder said...

Sandy what a cute card. Love the hearts for Tilda's dress. I also love the little stories you tell with your cards. Very creative.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot Sandy! I did not expect the frog inside or the funny sentiment! This Tilda creation is incredibly cute!!! Love it! The punch around the page set is perfect w/her and she is just a doll!
Pam Going Postal

Card Crazy said...

Sandy, this is great. You've done it again. Tilda in her beautiful, frilly gown, so girly and sweet, and then you throw the curve. Too funny, too true! Although if the frog turned into Johnny Depp I'm not sure I'd mind too much!
Sue S.

Candy said...

Morning Sandy!
WOW Tilda is gorgeous. LOVE her dress!!! Your colouring is just fab on her and on both frogs :o)
Love the frog's crown * grin.
Beautiful card - with your punches, ribbon and stickles!
I was waiting for the inside - knew there would be a punch line LOL LOL LOL so funny! You always put a huge smile on my face - it is such fun to come here.
I am so happy you were able to make a card for our challenge. Thanks for entering Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog.
Big hugs, Candy

Barb Hardeman said...

This is just such an adorable "girly" card with the ribbon and punched lace! And hilarious too! When I saw the front I thought of The scene Carol Burnett did on her show once about Scarlet O'Hara and she had the curtain rods still attached to her dress. ROFL! Your wonderful sense of humor comes alive once again! Love that "phat" frog! Love the way you did Tilda's dress with the just keep getting better and better!!!

Scrappinangler said...

Love the little story you threw together! So cute! Great coloring too! ~Tori

Linda Palmer said...

You certainly brought a smile to my face this morning. Great story and a great card. Love you little angel leaning over the lace heart. Darling card.

Lena said...

What a beautifuul card! Love the hearts for Tilda's dress. It's so cute!
Thanks for your visit on my blog.
Hugs and much love.

Rene said...

Hahahahaha...I can't stop laughing long enough to think of adjectives to describe how much I love this card...hahahaha! Frog legs indeed...GO TILDA! FANTASTIC!
Rene :D
P.S. Hahahahaha!!!!

Alicia B said...

Oh My, I love it!!! *Hugs*

LINDA W. said...

LOL about the frog story so cute.
love your card it is so cute
great coloring and punch's
Hugs Linda

cathylynn said...

Hey Mountain woman!! What a purty neat card you created girlfriend! I think the moral of this story is What on earth will Sandy do next weeK???? Keep up the amazing work! I love it!!! Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

ahhh.. Sandy this is adorable.
what pretty papers you choosed and all the images are so cute inside and outside
have a wonderful weekend hun.

Sheri said...

and she lived happily ever after! Too cute Sandie!!! I think this one is my favorite!!!!

Julie said...

So adorable! I love the fun little story you included in the card. So clever!


Sharon Caudle said...

ROFLMBO!!!! Sandy, I've seen this little ditty before, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you applied it to a card!!! You are so danged funny, imaginative, and talented!! I'm just glad I wasn't taking a drink of coke when I saw it cause I would have blown soda all over my project for Monday! LOL! You're amazing!
hugs! Sharon

Cami said...

Too, too, cute, Sandy! I love your "story" and you always make me chuckle! Great inventory challenge card!
Hugs, Cami

Kathy said...

The outside is stunning, such wonderful coloring Sandy. The inside is so clever as usual, what a hoot, frog legs! You always make me smile. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

H said...

Hi Sandy
Fancy that Barb I was thinking the same thing about Scarlet O'Hara!
you make me laugh with your stories. I enjoy all of them. Your Tilda is very very "purty", I love
the coloring, and the inside is also very cute,and eating the frog legs!!!!!! well done Mountain Mama.
Hugs Harma

Norma said...

Oh, Sandy, another amazing creations. Tilda is soo.. puuurty with the matching bows in her hair and dress. Chuckling over Tilda's encounter with the froggy Prince or princely Frog...LOL. A wonderfully entertaining card. Love it.


Jean said...

Sandy, this is so adorable.. just couldn't quit reading.. was a cute story and your coloring is so gorgeous, Tilda's dress is so stunning and what a cute little idea.. great one to steal.. but thank you for the book and the story time before bed time though I've been asleep all afternoon...
Hugs, Jean

paola said...

You made Tilda seem like the black widow, "dining on fogs legs indeed!" You are so witty my friend i love this, always know that you"ll pep me up. I know you said you got the idea for the dress elsewhere, but you did a fab job!

Cassy said...

Too cute! Love how you "dressed-up" Tilda for her frog leg dinner!!

Juliep said...

This card is adorable Sandy. Love how you made the dress from the hearts. Very cute and clever. Great job on the inventory challenge. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Yes..she is very purty!! I love your cleaver idea's you do and the stories are so fun to read. It did put a smile to my face and made a start to a good day. Thanks Sandy for sharing with us.

Julia Aston said...

What a clever idea with the hearts for the fancy dress for Tilda! love your fun storybook!

Iulia said...

Hi, Sandy!
Another adorable sweet card and a delicious story to go with. Now, I'm pretty sure a real prince wouldn't try to impress a girl with that sort of story but gosh it's so funny:))
Your coloring is marvellous and that dress surely looks great (saw it before on Angela's blog and thought to make one too! Great idea!
Lovely simple construction of the card! Just adorable Sandy!
Always a pleasure to read your blog!
Hugs, Iulia

Patricia Garcia said...

Love it Sandy, What a sweet story the frogs are cute too and love the green color! Tilda what can I say, she's adorable!!


Jacque said...

Sandy what a darling idea!!! And I especially love the funny!!! you have done a great jon on that skirt!!! Your coloring is splendid!! Can you believe this weather??? The lull before the storm I'm sure....argh!!!! Have a great evening..Hugs..Jacque

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

What a cute card with a cute story. LOL You always make me smile, Sandy! And sometimes Laugh Out Loud........I have to make sure I'm not eating or drinking or chewing gum when I visit you or it would be disasterous. LOL

Love the heart skirt too! Very cute!

Huggies ~ Sharron♥

Fran said...

Sandy I couldn't stop laughing when I read "while dining on frog legs" that was just too funny. And Tilda is so beautiful in that beautiful dress Mama created. You did real good dear friend! Hugs, Fran

Mascha Zimmerman said...

You made the cutes card Sandy!
Bye Mascha

cabio's craft corner said...

Lol Sandy, this is too funny. You got so much good ideas in mind. Me on the other hand, I always have trouble come up with ideas!
Thank you so much for joining us at Magnolia-licious coloring challenge and please keep cheering us up :o)

Sharon said...

Oh Sandy, this is absolutely precious. What a stunning design and I like the added humour too. hugs Sharon

Monique said...

That's so cute Sandy !!! I love the little frogs :))).

Hugs Monique

Anonymous said...

AWW!! Sandy, this is really precious hun!! I love your darling dress!! Angela is a sweetie!! :) You've colored the image in so pretty and your little critters work out so well with this!! HUGS

Eulanda said...

Oh wow this is so neat!! Love the heart dress oh my goodness that's cute!! Hugs!

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ said...

OH SO ADORABLE SANDY!!!!! I almost missed this gorgeous work of art!!! How are you feeling hun?? I hope all better on tip top shape.

Your story and card is so darn adorable!Perfect for a little princess.I ADORE ALL THOSE TINY LITTLE BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!RubyM:)

Leslie Anne Avila said...

You are super creative! I love your humor too! Great job on her dress.

Chris said...

You are amazing, Miss Sandy! This is just too cute! Love the inverted hearts, but the part I adore is the sentiment - too cute!

chris christensen

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