Friday, January 28, 2011

Soup for 500

It's time for Inventory Challenge #16 and it's based on one of my favorite songs.  Very Southern!!  You are invited  to join Christina, Charlene, Danielle and Rene as we all sing " Hey Good Lookin' ...What Cha Got Cookin'" .................................

This is a  thank you card for my beautiful daughter Stacy.  Stacy has four children ages 4 through 11 and is a full time 5th grade teacher.  She is active in her church and community and is one  terrific Mom and teacher. I NEVER hear her complain.  This card is for you Sugar !!!!!!!

The digi image on the front of the card is from Phindy's Place and the little hog is a High Hopes Rubber Stamp.   Thanks for stopping by y'all and your comments are very appreciated.  Let's do lunch!!



Deanna Mulder said...

Sandy, what a great card I am sure your daughter will love it. I really like how you do the inside of the card as well as the fronts. I am going to have to try to do more to dress up the inside of mine. Thanks.

Kathy said...

Once again, this is a hoot! Love the Phindy's image you used on the front and the hog and sentiment are awesome inside. Holy Moly Sandy, how does your DD do it? That is amazing, all she does with the four kiddos, must be a great lady! She'll enjoy this card for sure!

Karen said...

Love your card Sandy! THinking of you today....hope all goes well! : )

Sheri said...

Seriously!!! You are soooooo talented! I adore your cards!!!!

paola said...

Great coloring! i love those quilled flourishes, a perfect touch and i am sure your daughter is gonna love this! hope you feeling better after the surgery
chat soon

Rene said...

Where to start? Ok, let's start with that adorable fat pig on the inside! I'd love to cook somethin' up with him...yummy pork chops! Then, that perfect tag! Genius! The outside is super yummy with that pot of something delicious! Fantastic!
As for where John and I are going...haven't a clue yet. I need to line up a sitter first...wanna fly out? ;P
Rene :D

Danielle Champagne said...

Sandy, this is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Love everything, from the woman'sface that looks so much like the Cambel soup add, to the little guy on a ladder! I love how you used the lyrics on the front panel of your card. The flowers are darling, and the inside... OH! so cute! I love this pig, and the tag insertion. Amazing! Gorgeous.
Love. D.

Love to scrap Lyndra said...

That is a wonderful card, the tag reminds me a girl from a commercial but I can not think of the product, maybe Campbell's soup.

Caroline said...

Sandy I love seeing your new cards they are always gorgeous......I love everyting about this one xxx

charlene said...

Sandy your card is just to cute and how sweet of you to honor your daughter like that ! Love your quilling very nice added touch !

Leslie Anne Avila said...

Your card makes me smile! I love your sentiment inside about sending you a hog! Love it!
Happy Friday,

Kathy Billings said...

Love it Sandy...geeat job on the inside as well the outside. My daughter's name is Stacy also.

Eve said...

Sandy! This is such a fun & cute card, inside out!! I luv it!! :-)

cathylynn said...

Hi Sandy, You really brewed up a delicious card here. I love it!! True talent!!!!! Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Christina C. said...

Sandy, I'm lovin' this great card...omg, how absolutely adorable!!!
What a fabulous take on the very creative!! Love the tag and the face of the Campbell's soup girl....fantastic job!!!!!

Pat said...

Hi hon...another fun and funny creation!! Your design and coloring are gorgeous!!! Love this card!! The colors are such fun...and your use of those DPs you've been collecting is brilliant!! And Stacey will love it too...because it's beautifully done and because you made it especially for her!! Missin' you!! Pat

Patricia Garcia said...

What a fun card, with a fun sentiment!! I hope you are feeling better!


Lisette Morris said...

Too cute Sandy. I love the flowers! This will definately bring a smile to your daughter's face.

Imke said...

Great and funny card. Insinde and out. I like the quilling swirls and the TAG is fabulous.

Peggie said...

Super card. Love the little paper swirls around the flowers. Neat pocket on the inside.

Anonymous said...

She'll LOVE it! adorably cute and love the gingham flowers!
Pam Going Postal

Kelly said...

this card is awesome, I love it and you did the theme perfectly.

Ying Pang, said...

Your card is so cute, Sandy , I love it!
Thank you very much for your nice comments on my tutorial.


Iulia said...

Hi, Sandy!
Your lovely card here looks to me like an old time piece of advertising for something edible (veggies, pigs etc). Gorgeous sweet image you have chosen for this one and so beautifully colored! As for the inside, it is just as sweet!! I was thinkin' you must love pigs;your previous Tilda also had a pig in her arms and this one is standing there as if the master of the house!
I like that you did a bit of quilling here. The flowers look lovely too and the tag with that sweetheart is just the extra sparkle for a brave woman like your daughter! (4 kids? I shall never complain from now on:))
Hugs, Iulia

Eulanda said...

This is soooo cute!! I love it!!

Pen to Paper said...

Hi Sandy, I've seen some entries to this challenge and am so happy that you have entered as well. I love ole' Hank! What a great song to use as inspiration for this card. And that little chef is perfect! Again a funny and wonderful card from you! :)



Candy said...

Awesome work and just perfect for your wonderful daughter!!!
Hugs, Candy

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