Monday, January 16, 2017

Southern Lady

I was born and raised in the South (yes I know, you raise corn and rear children) but in the South you are raised!  I lived mostly with my grandparents and miss them terribly, They taught me about unconditional love, about being content with what you have and a love for Southern Cooking.  I mean to tell you my "Nanny" could cook.  The best cornbread and collard greens in the world.  You would slather your cornbread with real fresh country butter and it was like eating gold.  Nanny never kept her butter in the refrigerator - no it stayed in a special dish on the kitchen table. And my grandfather "Paw" would cook the best T bone steak fried in a cast iron frying pan on the gas stove.  They did not have a grill.  Most of the pans they cooked in were cast iron.  I sure wish I had my grandmother's cast iron pans!    I do cook in cast iron pans now - couldn't make biscuits without a good cast iron fry pan.
Please enjoy some home made biscuits with chicken gravy and fried chicken.  Or how bout some fried catfish with cornbread and collard greens?  Of course to wash it down you had a big glass of ice cold sweet tea!   Enjoy!!!!

I am posting this to Art Journal Journey.
The theme for this month is story telling and I would love to share some of the Southern United States with you!

Thanks for visiting!!!  Y'all come back now ya hear? 


Valerie-Jael said...

What a lovely foody page and story. I feel hungry for some southern food and hospitality after reading. Thanks so much for joining us at AJJ! My mouse sends her best wishes, she is happy to be here after such a loooong journey. Hugs, Valerie

Pat said...

Great journal page Sandy and fabulous story about Southern food, I've never had fried catfish or cornbread and I have no idea what collard greens are but it all sounds great when you write about it. Hope you are well HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2017 is good to you.

Pat xx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Lucky you to live in the sunny south :) I'm a little jealous but we enjoy where we are. The food page is fantastic and makes me smile :) Did I see you on Lifebook 2017 Facebook page, meaning that you are enjoying the lessons :) Happy New Year, Shirleyxx

froebelsternchen said...

This is amazing Sandy! I love to read this story of your childhood - sounds not so different to the childhood memories people here in my region have!
Refrigerators were used only in the big cities as I was a child - I was raised in Vienna and we had all a fridge -
born 1963 - but on the countryside the most people had walk in pantries. Something which is just great to have.
I have also one now as we live on the countryside since 6 years - and love it -
o.k. I have a fridge and a freezer as well, but I won't miss my pantry! I can nearly smell the fresh baked bread with butter from your Nanny in my mouth!
What a wonderful story!
And I love your pages!
So glad you are with us over at Art Journal Journey Sandy!
Have a blessed week!
oxo Susi

Lori said...

Very cool journal page, Sandy! So enjoyed reading your post. Love, love cornbread. Do you eat cornbread and milk for dessert? I do, every time we have cornbread!

Pam Sparks said...

You are making me hungry Sandy! I can't get country butter but I have a friend with country eggs! So good. Have to settle for Kerrygold butter but it's good! What a wonderful heritage you have! Thanks for sharing it with us on your journal pages!

cotnob said...

Fabulous journal pages Sandy, I love the rooster - we keep chickens, they have wonderful characters and the added benefit of fresh eggs each day.

Redanne said...

I love the story you tell Sandy and I was fine with the food until you mentioned catfish - yuk! My Dad caught one of those once, I couldn't understand why we had to take it home, but we didn't eat it! Love the idea of the freshly made butter though.... and I love your page too! Hugs, Anne xx

Stamps and Paper said...

Great journal pages Sandy and that food sounds so delicious and how lucky you were to have such a great Nanny to teach you too,cook


My name is Erika. said...

I do have my grandmother's one cast iron pan and I feel so lucky to have it. My grandmother would be 108 years old if she was alive and so its a really old but wonderfully seasoned pan. :) I love your story today and your making me drool journal page. The only thing I wouldn't want is the sweet tea, but the rest is yummy! Glad you joined us at AJJ. Hugs-Erika

pam said...

What a wonderful page and story you have told Sandy, never tried Ice cold sweet mine hot and no sugar! food you mention sound yummy.
Pam x

Gibmiss said...

Love your fabulous story Sandy... thanks for sharing
Hugs Sylvie xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Sandy, fabulous journal page, and interesting food, great page layout too. Kate x

cathylynn said...

Sound like you had a loving and healthy upbringing. Yummy all that food makes my mouth water. That's a great journal page with some many fond memories. Hope all is well and I just want to say Thank You for always visiting my channel and blog. You have been a true and very good friend to me for many years. Sending love with hugs!!! Cathy

sarascloset said...

Alright, Sandy, doll, now you are talking MY language! Love me some collards and cornbread in the skillet! My next door neighbor makes THE BEST CORNBREAD!Ahhhh! Sweet tea- the nectar of the Gods! Your pages are delicious! Sending warm hugs from the south! And by the way, I always thought it was Nana and PaPaw! :):)

scrappymo! said...

Mmm, mmm, mmm!
You are making me hungry!

I was "Down South" a couple of years ago and I agree that the Southern Food is wonderful.

Sarn said...

Hello my little Southern Belle. You sure do cook up a storm. Great art journal page with tales of your grandparents.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Inkypinkycraft said...

a lovely page and stories x

Myrna said...

What a wonderful loving tribute to your grandparents Sandy! I'm sure they are so proud of the wonderful, caring, loving person you are!
Your pages are perfect for all the things you love.
So glad you are loving Florida. Sounds like so many wonderful things to do and see there.

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for sharing your special Nanny and Paw with us dear Sandy.
They sound wonderful.
Nanny is a lady after my own heart because hard butter is not use to anyone ;-)
I have a selection of cast iron pans that I really like too.
Wonderful pages and how you've collaged the tissue/napkin bits on the left! Catfish and collards and cornbread OH MY!
Now you've gone and made me hungry you lovely Southern belle you ♥

Sue said...

What a wonderful page and story Sandy. This is just as I imagine 'The South' of USA to be. I must admit I don't understand why you would make biscuits with gravy?? - it would make the chocolate melt! I guess your biscuits are different to ours in the UK lol xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Wonderful story and collage! Home made biscuits with chicken gravy and fried chicken sounds delicious :-). I live in the UK and have a few Southern cookbooks that we bought on our visits to America, I often make biscuits with sausage gravy - delicious :-). Have a great week! J :-)

Rainey's Craft Room said...

This is a beautiful double page spread Sandy, great imagery to go along with your story of how life was as you were growing up. It's always lovely to reminisce and great to tell of these stories to future generations.

Paula said...

YUMMY!!! I love being "raised" in the South, swear this is no better cookin anywhere. Your story brought back a lot of memories, especially Sunday dinners after church at my Ma-Ma's! Your page looks wonderful, looking forward to more stories.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your post sweet lady! And your journal page is a true tribute to you grandparents!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Sandy! Just popping in to say hello! My Nanny was an awesome cook too! I really miss her yummy meals and especially her homemade soups. Mine never taste as good as hers, or even as good as my Mom's! Your art journal is gorgeous and I love yoru theme! Nice work! Hope all is going well with you and that 2017 has been good to you so far!

Neesie said...

I feel privileged to hear all about your Nanny, Paw and your special memories Sandy. Your journal page is a beautiful tribute to them and your Southern roots. I'll pass on the cold sweet tea thanks... I prefer piping hot tea with no sugar (I'm sweet enough - ha!)
Have a great week

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I know I'm really late visiting, but I wanted to stop by and see your latest AJJ entry, as well as thank you for the lovely comments you have left me recently.

Although I was raised in the north, I was raised from birth by my grandparents. My grandmother could cook, too. Unfortunately, she didn't cook food like that. We never had fried chicken, except maybe once a month. But it sounds like we were raised in similar situations, none-the-less. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories of my childhood, too.

BTW, we never had sweet tea, because my grandparents drank coffee. To get me to drink my milk, she started putting coffee in it. Now I'm an addict! And I've graduated from milk to 1/2 & 1/2.

Marilyn said...

Sheesh, now I'm hungry! I have never had catfish and I do like cornbread.
This is another lovely page and a great story telling theme.
We finally got moved... my word, that was a marathon! We still have some sorting and small house things to do like putting handles on cupboard doors but at least now we can slowly pick away at it. I. am. never. moving. again!

Mrs.B said...

Hi Sandy, your journal pages looks delicious, but I bet it's all gone now - well that's what happens when you are late to the table!
Loved reading your story of living with your Grandparents, happy memories.
Avril xx

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Sandy what a beautiful story you have shared about your Grand Parents it sounds really wonderful a blissful time for sure, love the journal page,
lorraine x

Bonnie said...

Boy am I far behind in my visits! I really enjoyed reading about your "raisin"! I think grandparents probably make the best memories. Mine did. I don't bake biscuits but I do bake my cornbread in a cast iron pan. Mmmm!

Words and Pictures said...

Mmmmhmmm... it all sounds grand. I had home-baked cornbread for the first time last fall when I was in Columbus (but baked by someone from the south, you'll be happy to hear) - so delicious warm from the oven with the butter melting in your mouth. So yes, I'm right with you on that one! And the collards, and the iced tea. Sounds like you have many happy memories - your grandparents gave you warmth and love as well as food, it's clear. And I love your page celebrating all that.
Alison x