Thursday, February 25, 2016

Paloma - Dove of Peace

"After the shock, the anger, the nausea .... what to say ... what to do?  I have only weapons of paper and words .... Freedom and Peace are the ones I wish to give today.
So this is Paloma, my simple paper dove.  For her I make a wish: could she take flight and give all around the world her Freedom and Peace message." ....... Lys

Written after the horrid attacks in Paris last November,  Lys of Impression Scrap has made a pretty paper dove that she has sent out into the world with a wish for Freedom and Peace.  Lys asked that each recipient post some pictures of Paloma at your home and then send her out into the world.  Paloma arrives with her own travel itinerary so you will know where to send her.  She also arrives with an introduction letter from Lys and a note from Alison of Words and Pictures.

Do you see her?  She is cuddled up to the rear of my sweet Tom and he is looking down at
at her.  He just cannot believe I put a paper bird on his tail.  And I really did too!!


While visiting us, Paloma went with us to a local nursery and helped us pick out flowers for our garden.

Paloma was sent to me from Sara Emily of  Sarascloset .   My word, everyone must know how much I love Halloween so Sara Emily sent me this fantastic tag along with some neat Halloween gifts.  Thanks Sugar!

This is the card I made for Paloma's new hostess in the United Kingdom.  In the package I also placed a few housewarming gifts.

We would all love to see more Peace in the world today --


~*~Patty S said...

YES ...
More Peace Pretty Please!
This is such a sweet and heart warming post.
Paloma is a very special Peace Dove traveling the world and looks right at home with your peaceful and handsome Tom ♥ and frolicking amongst those lovely flowers too.
You got some lovely art mail Sandy and sent some too!
Let there be Peace on earth oxo

pearshapedcrafting said...

It's great to see that Paloma came to rest her wings with you Sandy! Of course Sarah Emily would send you Halloween stuff! Why on earth not!!!....and it didn't scare the wits out of me!! Love the card you are sending on! BTW 68!! Hugs, Chrisx

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Sandy
That's one placid puss. If I'd put it near my old kitty, I think Paloma may have a few teeth marks.
Lovely idea and hope she enjoys her journey.
Ang x

cathylynn said...

So lovely! Yes let there be peace all over the earth! Seeing those flowers make me anxious for spring! Your dove card is a beauty too! Take care sweet friend! Hugs, Cathy

Patricia St Martin said...

This is a sad thing in the world today we need peace throughout the world but so many people do not know the true meaning of what that is, until that happens we will never have that peace. Thank you for sharing your stunning dove card. My love, peace and joy be with you all the days. Pat

sarascloset said...

What a pretty card you made to send off to Paloma's new host! Love that sparkle!Thank you for the sweet little holler! You're the best! Your sweet puddy tat looks like he might be interested in having that dove for dinner! Yikes! That would not be good! I hope you have a lovely weekend! Hugs!

Annie said...

Well isn't this a great way to spread peace across the world. It really is this why can we not accomplish it. That is a really awesome tag you received with Paloma. And you've made a really great card to send her off with. What a wonderful cut out border around the frame opening. I'm so glad Tom cat was mostly friendly with Paloma.

Redanne said...

What a lovely post Sandy! How thoughtful of Sara to send you that gorgeous Halloween tag, it could not have been a better choice for you! I love the pic of Tim with Paloma too, he definitely looks more than just a little interested in her.... I just love your beautiful dove card too - I do so wish we had more Peace in the world too..... Love and hugs, Anne xxx

KarinsArtScrap said...

fantastic tag and beautiful card Sandra
Gr Karin

Marilyn said...

I'm loving this card Sandy! It's so delicate and pretty and yes...peaceful.
What a fabulous post and such an inspiring story. Makes us all want to do more..

Myrna said...

What a beautiful idea! She knows you and your love of all things Halloween. Your card you made is just beautiful! Love delicate lacy looking cards.

pam said...

Fabulous post Sandy! lovely story & beautiful dove.
love your beautiful dove card, you have made and sent to the UK.
Gorgeous tag to receive, fabulous work.
Hugs Pam x

Sandra said...

What an amazing idea! How great that you got the have her visit you for a little bit! Love the picture with Tom. And what a pretty card, Sandy! Hugs, Sandra

scrappymo! said...

What a gorgeous story and wonderful project. Peace can be shared one moment and gesture at a time! Brilliant.

Your card is so pretty!

experiments in paper said...

How lovely that your Tom appreciated the gift of Paloma to his tail....never underestimate the power of peace! And I love how Paloma traveled with you to choose your upcoming garden....I am sure that this energy will make your blooms even more special! Love the card you made for Paloma's new hostess! xxx Lynn

Danielle Champagne said...

Oh! Peace... I hope we will all give peace a chance. We need it badly. Ah.... flowers? we are still freezing up north! OH! and your cat's name is Tom? my little dog was Tommy! I love your card very pretty dove, and such a lovely die cut all around. beautiful colors too. Hugs.

Bonnie said...

Looks like Paloma had a good visit with you! Gorgeous card and we could use a lot more peace in the world!

Lys said...

Thanks so much, Sandy! I see my Paloma had a beautiful stay with you and Tom. She makes lovely friends through her journey and it's a delight to watch these meetings. You had a great gift from Sara Emily, and the card you made for the future recipient is gorgeous! Thanks again for sharing Paloma's peaceful adventures. Hugs from France. Lys.

coldwaters2 said...

Paloma is truly a bird of peace love the card you made with her it looks so pretty so does the Halloween tag you received
lorraine x

Lau W said...

Fab post Sandy ♥♥♥

Words and Pictures said...

I missed this at the time - but very happy to catch up with this leg of Paloma's travels... what wonderful people she is visiting. I'm glad Tom restrained his impulses!
Alison x

Cocofolies said...

Hi Sandy!
Happy to catch up too with Paloma's adventures all around the world, and in kind houses and families.. She looks to have done a great travel in yours.
I have been enough lucky to welcome her a few days, how lovely this peace dove (and idea behind) is!!!
Coco xx