Friday, February 3, 2012

Be Mine

I can't believe I actually made a card.  I am a snoop and snooping on blogs is my most very favorite past time.  I plead guilty!  I am a voyeur.  My Mama used to always say "Be a good girl!"  I will go to my grave hearing that in my head.  So silently peeking in on you when you can't see me makes me feel like I am sooooo bad!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!

I want to play around with some Tag cards - this is my first.  Tim where are you when I need you!?!

The back - the little hearts pull out so you can leave a note for your sweet Valentine.

It would tickle me pink (in this case red) to hear what you think.  Comments make the world a little sweeter don't you think!
Thanks for visiting!!  Sandy


Danielle Champagne said...

Hello Dear Sandy, you make me laugh... a voyeur!!!!!!! aren't we all, this is the most fun attraction on the web... looking!!!! Just looking thank you!!!!!!
I love it when you stop LOOKING and you start writing and creating. I love your tag card, this sun si fabulous. The little girl is soooo pretty, and I love this color combo, very happy, very bold. Mama would not tell you you are very discreet LOL.
LOve all about your card, very very pretty, and hope my blabla, makes sense... hugs.

Kathy said...

This is so sweet Sandy. I've never done a tag card, what fun. The pull out hearts are perfect for a message. Love this idea. That little girl image is so much fun, too! A fantastic creation!

Unknown said...

Awe, love this Sandy, as cute as a button :O) Big Hugs!!! You are such a sweetie, so glad you like Saturated Canary. I love her stamps, can't seem to get ahead, yes, making tons of cards, but a lot of them for Design team...I'm not so sure it's my thing, cause it's like work..tee hee, when you have to do it, takes the fun out of it! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

OHHH Sandy, this is so darn sweet!! Love making those tag cards too!! :) The Saturated Canary images are too cute, aren't they?!! Ohhh all the things I love are just too much!! LOL!!!

Enjoy your weekend friend! HUGS

Susan.... said...

Fabulous work Sandy !
susan x Mallorca. Spain

Christina C. said...

We don't mind you snooping, Sweetie!
You can snoop any time you want, but it's also nice to see you creating!
Your tag is totally stunning, my dear. Love the cute image which you colored and showcased beautifully.

cathylynn said...

Ssndy you are a good girl!!! Just look at this amazing tag card! Good Golly this is magnificient! Such darling colors, flowers, stamps, tag and anything else I might of forgot. I LOVE IT ALL!!!
Hey if Tim ever shows up let me know because I want to be there too!!!!! Maybe Johnny Depp will accommodate Tim. Now look whose bad???
Hugs to you!!

Victoria said...

I love this tag - such a sweet design - and I really like the reverse too

Cat's sCrap said...

What a lovely tag ! Beautiful choice of colours. It's very joyful ! I like ! The front is worked as well as the behind. Bravo !

Hugs from France.

Sandra said...

Hihihi, you're so funny! Your first tags are gorgeous. You don't need Tim! Love those hearts and the sun! Stunning!

Amanda said...

You make me smile, I think we all love to blog-hop and find some inspiration. Your tag is beautifull and the finishing touch is that you did the back also!

Hugs Amanda

Anonymous said...

I did have a giggle reading this , I just imagined you in the corner of my blog trying to hide behind my cards. LOL
Your tag is just lovely. Such a pretty colour choice and the sweet die cuts, nicely done
Hugs Julie P

Linda Palmer said...

Oh my goodness Sandy! You colored Molly or whatever her name is so beautiful!!! I love this and love all my new stuff. Thanks and am playing with it this afternoon. You did a great job on this my friend. Someone is going to be lucky to get this.

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo Sandy look at this it has your name written all over it!!!! Creativity love the colors and that flower Wow lady this is your first tag!!!!! Excellent work my friend!!!!!

Karen said...

Awesome! Love everything about it!!

Tan's Hobbies said...

Aw Sandy, your tag card is just awesome!! Love the color composition, the girl is absolutely adorable. The flower is really cute. Love the polka dot background. The 'little heart pulls out' is a brilliant idea. Love your creation, as always =P

Imke said...

Sandy, what a cute tag and nice idea to make a tag card. I´ve never done something like that. I like the cute little girl with the heart in her hand. Beautiful card !

Sylvia said...

Oh Sandy, this is so sweet, beautiful, gorgeous, colorfull. I love your colorcombo. And your image is so adorable. Everything is so beautiful on your tag card. Just like you, i never met you and i think we never do(because of the distance) but i think you are a great and lovely person with a very big warm heart.

Sandra said...

Your card is very very lovely!
Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog!!

Creations by Shirl said...

Your tags are just so precious Sandy! Thanks for hopping over to my blog and leaving a sweet comment.. I'm also your newest follower at 130th...I'm browsing at your blog and wow I really love what I see you do some great and pretty cards.... very inspiring...

Pat said...

Oh Sandy you always make me smile with your funny little stories. More seriously though your tag is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. Have a great weekend.

Pat xx

Heather Huggins said...

This is so CUTE!!! Yes you can copy the cute birds picture.. They are adorable!

Sharon Caudle said...

Snoop blinds are open! LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE this tag card, Sandy!!!! First, red paper with polka dots is one of my all time favorite patterns EVER (and always will be). Then you mix some of my very favorite color of yellow in there (and make it polka dotted too?? YEEEESSSSS!!) Well you had my heart right from the get go!! She is adorable and love the little yellow bows in her hair!! Oh dear that more polka dots on her adorable little dress??? SUUUHHWEEEEET!!!! Love that flowr and that amazing glittery heart that is wrapped up with the perfect little button in the middle! Perfect design and embellishments, Sandy! I love it!!!
hugs, Sharon

Lisa Minckler said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I feel kinda special having you for a stalker! LOL ;)

Sandy your tag is fantastic! I too have called out for the muse of Tim Holtz a time or a dozen. Ha!

Love that you decorated the BACK too. That's genius. Seriously, never thought of that. Great idea.

Great to visit your blog and thank you for the inspiration.
Lisa xx

Suzi Mac said...

Hehe!! you made me smile Sandy. I think we are all Voyeur's at heart. I'm so glad you came to visit me, you are welcome anytime sweetie. I simply love your tag. the image, flowers colour combo and the reverse side are marvelous. Have a lovely weekend.
Suzi x

Liefs Ineke said...

Hello dear Sandy, your tag is wonderful. Thanks for your compliments on my blog. I love your blog to. It's good to be here. Have a nice Sunday. Lots of love Ineke

Flutterby Trina said...

Beautiful... never down a tag card... mmmm may have to look into that one a bit more! Love the way you have embellished the front! xxx

Linda said...

Sandy, this is such an adorable little tag.. Love that you can tuck a little something in the back..Im sure my little grand kids would like one of these with a few dollars in the little pocket.Might have to do a few.Thanks for the idea.. Very lovely work by the way..Hugs, Linda

H said...

Hi Sandy! You make me always smile.Don't we all snoop around,your tag is so gorgeous I have not made one yet.I have not made much lately,but one is in the making.
have a nice wekend my friend.
Hugs harma

Gibmiss said...

Hi sandy
Fabulous sound a fun lady ...we have something in common ...we are the same age ....Lol...oh!!!! IT DOES SOUND OLD......
Hugs sylvie

Alice said...

such a beautiful tag, Sandy! love all the details, too! hope you have a lovely weekend! =)

Candy said...

Sandy you always make me laugh :o)
It is such a good thing to come to your blog - one always feels so much better afterwards!
Sweet little tag card - love it.
I am sure 'Tim' would as well....
Hugs, Candy


Hello Dear Sandy! I do what I love and it get's easier to keep doing! Not unlike you, just love your spotty dotty tag dear, really a happy design! So glad to hear from you and I hope you are well!
Tammy Louise

PS. My first die comes out in the Whimsy Stamps store this month, on the 22nd! I simply can not wait! Terrified and thrilled at the same time. I'll be giving one away in a candy on my blog after the release so be sure to drop in for a chance.

Anonymous said...

Lol, a blog peeper indeed! Although I do love blog hopping too, but by the time I've hopped, admired great cards and techniques, left comments and then sat down in my room to make something I can't recall what I saw and now I'm too tired to make it anyway!! Love your happy, happy tag! SO uplifting. Join in with WOYWW next Wednesday! Go on, I double dog dare ya!!


PS. Both the snow and the cake didn't last!!!

Pam Sparks said...

Sweet Valentine creating Sandy! Tags are fun! Used to do them all the time but then moved on to the next craze. This is great with the pocket on the back and the heart "tags"... so sunny wonderful!

Shelby said...

The comments you leave on my blog just crack me right up! Love your sense of humor and your view of's great! And it's about time you put something up to show off! Lovin this tag and the flower is wonderfully creative! You go girl

Delphine said...

Hi Sandy! Oh thank you so much for making me laugh so much today and throughout the week! You know, you really should post more, so that when I feel down, I can know where to get my dose of sunshine! I love your tag card, adorable image, fantastic colours (sunshine:-)!) and great layout! I love the pull out hearts, very clever! Have a lovely evening, and thank you for all your lovely comments, that have made my week so sweet! Next time you visit me, help yourself, have coffee, sit on my flowers, please make yourself comfortable:-)! Hugs Delphine xx

Anonymous said...

Awe sandy you crack me up!!! I so love your tag it's so cute!!!

Therese said...

Thank you for the kind words you`ve left in my blog. I`ve been looking around in you blog as well and you sure make a lot of beautiful creations. I will for sure pop by again. Have a nice day! :)

Marie-Louise said...

Marvellous tag. I have never made one of these and this is great.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Who needs Tim when we have you??? Love the hearts at the back too, what a cute idea to write a message on them!

Card Crazy said...

Adorable tag card, Sandy. Luv it. BTW, I hope you keep on bein' bad. I really love reading your comments :)
Sue S.

Peggie said...

This is so cute. Love the yellow and red together - one of my favorite combinations.

Pat said...

what a cute Valentine tag! This is a cute image...wherever didja find it? Love the papers and the pocket with the little hearts is brilliant! Hope all is well. Pat Frank

Michelle J M said...

Fabulous tag Sandy. I have been reading your blog and enjoying your comments, I've had a good giggle! Michelle x

Sharon Caudle said...

It's mine, it's's ALL mine!!! Can you see me dancing a little jig around my room? LOVE it and thanks so much for sending it to me, Sandy! You are amazing!!!
hugs, Sharon

Jean said...

Love it Sandy and yes I am watching the intersate to make sure you are not on it heading down her to watch us through out windows.. keeping our blinds closed tightly and not pictures on phone when we talk!! LOL LOVE the colors on this tag and your flower is just too adorable and your little girl and colors are too gorgeous.. Love your Tag!!!
Hugs ,Jean

Madge H. said...

I'm just "dottie" over this .. .. ..
Love the flower (pinwheel). You are just so clever girl. And you don't need Tim to tell you what to do -- even though he's as cute as a bug's ear and twice as funny. BTW - love your crafting table..... DO YOU ACTUALLY DO ANY WORK ON THAT PARTICULAR ONE?? IT IS FAR TOO NEAT AND TIDY. Mine looks like an atom bomb went off on it 100% of the time.
Luv popping in on you!
~ rubber hugz ~

Stamps and Paper said...

Sandy this is so sweet....Lovely colours and just love that pinwheel


Tab said...

Sandy your tag card is gorgeous! Fabulous colour combo and love the image!
Hugs Tab xxx

Sarn said...

I think these tag cards are inspired! xxx

Iulia said...

Lol, I'm guessing we're all voyeurs then:)) Because I love peeking, sometimes I don't have time to leave comments but I surely peek on every new cards my friends come u with. And you're one of them. Sadly life doesn't give us enough time to be there with friends all the time:( But I'm surely happy to come and say hello now and then.
Wonderful tag sweetie; you choose the most wonderful images and colors! Love the pinwheel flower and the way you adorned the back of your card. Beautiful creation!
Big hugs, Iulia

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Great tag, love the front and bag idea.

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