Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Nicole!

We are celebrating Nicole's 12th birthday.  Nicole went with us on her own special adventure to the Southwest this summer and I made her a keepsake album for her birthday.  I plead guilty, I made it out of paper lunch bags.

I would like to tell you a little about the front of this card.  Princess Tilda is wearing a real turquoise necklace - stones I purchased in New Mexico.  The horizontal stones were purchased at the same time.  The feathers in Tilda's headdress are real bird feathers from around my bird feeder.  The feathers in the right hand corner are wild  turkey feathers from our property.  The buttons on the upper left hand side came from Nicole's great grandmother and are metal.  The Indian head pennies on the left bottom came from my grandmother.  I have had them for a long time.  So they belonged to Nicole's great, great grandmother. The album consists of several pages of pictures Nicole or Grampa Art took .  I have tied the album together with the twine you see on the right - yep it was tied in a bow.

I am only going to show the first two pages.  The bottom picture of Nicole on the left hand side was taken at Mesa Verde.  The picture on the right was taken at Monument Valley.  The cat stamp and paw prints are there because Nicole was hoping to see some wild cats.

This is the very back of the album using a picture Nicole took at Taos Pueblo.  I think she has a good eye!  She loves cats. The chair and kittens were outside one of the old adobe buildings.

I do appreciate you visiting my blog and as you know I appreciate all your kinds words. 


Christina C. said...

Absolutely stunning work, Sandy! Your granddaughter will treasure this piece of history.

Myrna said...

What a special album you have made for Nicole. All of those special embellies on it. Love Cornelia on the inside I just made her myself.

Chris said...

Oh goodness me, this is precious and priceless! I so love that Tilda and have never used it. You did a wonderful job! Then, I look to the inside and it gets better! What a treasure to share with your GD! You are such a good grandma! I think your album is perfect! I especially like how you did the orange border. You should post the other pages, too! I wanna see!


Barb Hardeman said...

Wow, you've done it again! You're knocking my socks off with these fabulous paper bag books! Your design elements are such treasures, I'm sure your granddaughter will keep this forever. How delightful that you tied the whole piece together with some special artifacts too and special pictures! You are one bodacious grandma!!!

Rene said...

Oh Miss Sandy, this is FABULOUS! That necklace? Are you KIDDING me?!? You're brilliant! This card is brilliant! She will LOVE it!
Rene :D

Rene said...

Oh! And if she doesn't love it, put her head in the chopping block like you did your other granddaughter! Bwahahahaha!!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Sandy! I'm sure that Nicole will love this, Very special,wonderful keepsake!
Hugs Julie P

Unknown said...

Hi there Sandy! Love your beautiful artwork :O) Wonderful, your granddaughter will love it! I see you got your image, so happy for you! Oh there's a little boy too, don't have him yet :O) Miss you! Big Hugs! Leah Ann

Pat said...

Oh have truly outdone yourself girl! And Nicole is going to LOVE this!! So many fabulous elements and your images are beautifully colored!! You completely ROCKED this!! Sending big hugs your way!! Pat

Jean said...

WOW Sandy, this is so fabulous.. your GD had better LOVE this card. I adore the turquoise necklace around Tilda's neck and the colors are simply supurb!! And the inside is so adorable.. the little indian girl is so right on with the pictures she took. Great pictures.. A great eye she has and love those cat eyes and paw prints.. a great card also love the picture on the back.. Am so sure Nicole will simply fall in love with it... if not you can pass it around!!
Hugs, Jean

Kathy said...

Sandy, you are the best grandma ever! What a wonderful keepsake, it's beautiful, but the special part are all the keepsakes you've included. Wow, what a creative and fabulous gift! Nicole is a cutie, too!

Missed you at the book party chat. You and Linda were right, it was a wonderful book!

Have a great weekend.


Danielle Champagne said...

Wow Sandy, this is just beautiful. Nicole will certainly cherish this card, with so many beautiful pictures. I love Tilda with her necklace, very precious, and such a good idea.

Madge H. said...

How purrrrrfect! Absolutely wonderful keepsake album that can be treasured forever. You are just so clever!! That necklace is just precious!! AWE, I want one! and a paper bag book..... I love them! Nicole has the best gramma ever!!
~ rubber hugs ~

Peggie said...

What a fabulous album. Something to be treasured forever. Love all the Indian artifacts.

Linda Palmer said...

What a fabulous gift to give your granddaughter. I am sure she loved it, reminding her what a wonderful trip you gave her. I love Mesa Verde, one of my favorite places. I also love monument valley. I love the front of the scrapbook with the indian head penny and the arrowhead plus the wonderful story of who they belonged too. Fantastic job on this one!

EnblogSail said...

Very creative here:) Love the colours!

Iulia said...

Hi, Sandy, sweetie; it's so great to hear from you again and with such a wonderful little album!
Wow, this is not only gorgeous and magnificently executed but also so PRECIOUS!!! And I mean it in bothe ways, fuguratively and literally! Wow, so many tiny wonderful objects from all over the place and so many generations! You've found a perfect balance of stamps, photos and embellishments; Oh, I love that turquoise necklace and the feathers- wow, this is one of those projects which Nicole is sure to keep forever.
Fabulous keepsake album my dear friend and I would also like to wish a happy birthday to Nicole and all the best for her loved ones- including grandma:)
Hugs, Iulia

Unknown said...

WOWWWWWW this is absolutely magical. I read all about the feathers and stones unbelievable!!!! Wow creativity runs right through you Sandy!!!!! I am sure she will be thrilled with this gorgeous keepsake!!!!! Wowzer excellent work my friend!!!!!

cathylynn said...

WOWZERS!!!!! What a treasure for Nicole from her Gram! Pure Magic! So much attention to detail and history here. Your coloring is stunning and as are the photos, stamps, feathers and everything else. Sandy you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
And I got to see all the other pages in a sneak preview and each page is pure magic. Thanks Sandy!!
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

cathylynn said...

WOWZERS!!!!! What a treasure for Nicole from her Gram! Pure Magic! So much attention to detail and history here. Your coloring is stunning and as are the photos, stamps, feathers and everything else. Sandy you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
And I got to see all the other pages in a sneak preview and each page is pure magic. Thanks Sandy!!
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Only By His Grace said...

What a beautiful keepsake Sandy.
Very precious indeed. I love the turquoise necklace. Does turquoise come from Mexico? Super touch with the buttons. Nicole will love this special gift. your coloring is outstanding.
Hugs Maz

Pam Sparks said...

This isn't just a card, this is a keepsake for sure!!! Fabulous coloring and creating Sandy! Nicole loved it I'm sure, well, I'm thinking you said you'd just been to see them! I'm sure you enjoyed it as much as see did! It's wonderful!

Kelly said...

I love this mini album, you sure enhanced her photos perfectly with the stamps and creative paw prints. I really like the feathers on the front coming from Tilda. This is so beautiful Sandy and very special for her.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, what a gorgeous keepsake album this is! I love the beautiful photos you showcased and the lovely images you used for this album. All the more special as it is a labor of love. I must get to making some albums myself - I have sooo many photos. Thanks for the inspiration! hugs, Angela

Pam said...

Sandy...Nicole will treasure her album forever!!! AWESOME

Candy said...

Hi Sandy,
Unbelievable work!!!
You went to great lengths to make this album very special.
Your Granddaughter will cherish this!!
I see you were thinking 'ahead' since you bought the turquoise stones for Tilda's necklace etc. while you were on holidays!
Your work is 'perfect!' Lovely personal touches through out the album :o)
Fantastic colouring....
Big hugs, Candy

Deeanna said...

Super sweet projects..I love the autumn card..Great work..

Monique said...

That is so cute Sandy. I'm sure Nicole is going to love it !

Hugs Monique

Elle said...

Perfect for Thanksgiving.

cabio's craft corner said...

Nicole for sure will be adored this creation you made for her. It is wonderful :o)

Sharon said...

This is really beautiful Sandy. Just love the turquoise. I am sure Nicole loved this. hugs Sharon x

Julie said...

Hi Sandy! Thanks for your wonderfully sweet comments you leave for me.

Your Indian Tilda card is so ADORABLE! I love the feather...a perfect touch. Just Fabulous!

Hugz to you!


applejack cards by sue said...

This is amazing, so much to gaze at. It really is a very special keepsake.

Patricia Garcia said...

STUNNING Sandy, your granddaughter will treasure it, I love how you added all those priceless keepsakes!!


Anne said...

A gorgeous album! Beautiful details and work ;)

Hugs from Anne

H said...

Absolutely stunning work, Sandy! Your GD will treasure this piece for ever,it is just priceless'and I love the turquoise necklace.
Sandy you are amazing so much love and history in one album
Big hug harma

Susan.... said...

Hi Sandy ,
What a wonderful keepsake !
susan x

Marie-Louise said...

What a wonderful precious keepsake/gift and so beautifully done. Something to be treasured.

Sharon Caudle said...

NOBODY makes these albums like you do, Sandy!!! This is so gorgeous and what an amazing array of keepsakes you've used!!! She will treasure this her entire life! Your work always comes from the heart, and it definitely shows!! Sending you wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
hugs, Sharon

Stamps and Paper said...

Beautiful work Sandy and I love your album and I am sure Nicole will treasure nice to have a keepsake of happy memories.
THank you for your kind comments on my blog...


Anonymous said...

What a treasure! I love the colours and little layouts, what a wonderful little album :)

I also wanted to say a huge thank you for your kind and wonderful commentsmon my blog - it really made my day, nay, *my week*. I am glad if you found some inspiration and don't mind in the slightest if you use ideas =)

I've enjoyed looking around your blog and will be back soon!

Hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks again:)

Lotte x

Macpurp said...

thank you for stopping by my blog.

this keepsake is a beautiful gift. I am sure it will be treasured.
love Teen x

Pat said...

Beautiful card, love the Tilda image with her real necklace, great album pages too. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.

Pat xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your kind words Sandy, they mean a lot x Your scrapbook for your GD is beautiful. I am sure she will treasure it not only for the memories but because her Grandmother made it. I have been to Monument Valley with my DH and it was one of the best holidays we have ever had, spectacular scenery. Thanks for sharing x

Patti Jo said...

Been a while since I've had a chance to get around and look what I've missed!!! This is such a great treasure Sandy with everything so meaningful!!! Awesome job you've done all the way around!

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