Friday, July 29, 2011

Where's the Beach?

Our summer vacation with our grandchildren has sadly come to an end.  I miss them already.   Art and I had a glorious time with Nicole 11, Sara 4, Joe 7 and Caroline 9.  From history lessons in Williamsburg, Virginia to bigger than life amusements parks and water parks, we had a blast!  Hey Mom Stacy, you should be so proud as they were all very well behaved!!

The grand finale was a two week Southwest adventure with Nicole who is going into middle school.
And we're off!

I must tell you that one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen is seeing the Grand Canyon through Nicole's eyes as she gazed at it for the very first time.  I am one lucky grandmother!!

The whole family gathered at my son's house this summer for a free for all.  Five teenage girls and my daughter's four kids plus a friend of Nicole's.  Obviously I could not get them all corralled for a picture so I grabbed  my son Scott, his wife Daphene and my gorgeous 16 year old granddaughter Hayley.

Now it is time to rejoin my card making buddies at the Inventory Challenge.  And yes ladies, I missed you too!!  This week's challenge is "Something Old and Something New" .  I will let the gang of four decided if my card meets their challenge.   I give you "Where's the Beach?"

The picture does not convey the pure white of the card stock nor does it show the scoring I did using my Score Pal which runs vertically within  the white background.

Please visit my partners in crime as they too play Inventory Challenge #42.  Hey Gals did I make the grade?

Cathy- Lynn

Thanks for visiting my blog.   Sandy


Jacque said...

Sandy, what a cute card--really brought a smile to me this morning!!! I know the gang will be happy to see you are back!! Glad you had a magnificent summer!! Thanks for sharing the story with us!! Hope all is well on the other side of yon mountain...Big hugs..Jacque

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Sandy!
Lovely to have you back with your unique cards that always bring a smile to ones face.
Glad you had a super holiday with the kiddies.
I love your card. Your coloring is lovely. That is such a funny stamp inside. super as always.
Loved the photos of you and your family
Hugs Maz

Karen said...

Sandy- Your grandkids are gorgeous! So glad you are back! Your card is great, I love it! : )

Christina C. said..., love your wonderful card, Hon!!!!!! Tooooo cute!
Hey, let me tell you....those wonderful grandkids are very, very lucky to have such a loving grandmother! Oooooops, I don't mean to leave out the wonderful grandfather either!!!!
Beautiful children and, woweeeee, look at that gorgeous Great Dane in the background!!!!!
Sooooo happy to have you back!!!

cathylynn said...

WELCOME BACK SANDY!!! You sure made a SPLASH with this one. You always know how to bring a smile to someone. I love this card and that granny is fabulous but so is your family. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures!!
Hugs, Cathy

Danielle Champagne said...

Gooooooooooooood morning! my dearest Sandy, what a pleasure to read you this morning. Boy did I miss my stop here! Now, of all the Tilda's, she is one that must makes me laugh! She has such a look on her face! Now I know why, She has in sight that weird creature asking her THE question! No wonder why she looks sooooo surprised. I would love to hear how this story ends, if finally grandma there, realizes she has her 2 feet in it??? Does she???
Have a wonderful day! Hugs.

paola said...

So pleased to see you back, had me worried that you had fallen off the face of the earth. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
Your card as per your usual style of humour is so darn cute, love it.
chat soon

Iulia said...

Oh Sandy, I'm so happy to have you baaaack!!! I'm currently on vacation, but just couldn't get back to the pool before paying you a visit. You have a great family, the kiddos are gorgeous; I bet you enjoyed every minute of this vacation! But I also bet you need another vacation now, a spa maybe:)
I already feel like I do after one week at the sea. We are simply exhausted:)) Oh, I know, I should never complain in front of such a brave grandmother like you:)
Love your beautifully-colored funny card. You know your cards always make me smile, it's simply great to have you back:)
Hugs sweetie, talk soon!

Paula said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful! And i love the simplicity of your card! Pure genius!! And love the "where's the beach" sentiment and image...fantastic!

Rene said...

Oh Sandy what a FUN summer you have had!!!! Such gorgeous memories to treasure.
And your card is simply elegant and the inside is marvelous! Where in the world did you get that image? She cracks me up!
Rene :D

Card Crazy said...

Welcome home, Sandy. Glad you had a grand time but we missed you. Finally I'm able to get my fix of your great sense of humor dispensed so beautifully on your gorgeous cards! This one is wonderful!
Sue S.

Chris said...

Woo Hoo - She's back!!! **doing happy dance**

I love the photos you shared. Your grandchildren are adorable! Better tie a brick on their head to keep them from growing too quickly!

Your card, as usual, is wonderful! I love how your work always brings a smile. I love your perfectly colored images. I just love it (and you, too!)


Barb Hardeman said...

So, so happy to see you back! You didn't lose your wonderful sense of humor at all over your summer with the grands...your card made me laugh out loud! I know you'll miss this kids bunches, but now you will have time to tackle all those projects you've been putting off. Welcome home again sweetie...hugs...Barb

Eve said...

welcome back to the "Blogging" land! I'm glad to hear that you had a blast!! Luv your card. so cute outside, and inside, as usual, FUN! :-)

Sheri said...

You lucky, lucky Grandma! How fun!!! AND..what a gorgeous family!
Your card..just cracks me up Sandy! You are a welcome breath of fresh air and ...the hilarious outlook you have on life is such a joy! Welcome home! :)

Jean said...

Sandy, this card is so adorable. So summery but I love the inside so well.. it is really cute. Love the pictures of the family... glad you got to see them.. have not gotten to see any of my family this year... they are all scattered all over and can't get around to see them and they are all busy with their own vacations.. but will hopefully see them soon. Anyway loved your card.
Hugs, Jean

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Sandy, Lovely photographs, thanks for sharing.
Your card is just lovely
Hugs Julie P

Pam Sparks said...

Hi Sandy - you have me thinking! lol Your something new is colored so adorably, that's how I like to swim, down as far as I can get and still see! lol This Art Impressions oldie is fabulous! So glad you're having fun coloring! You're doing awesome! Is this supposed to be kinda of like the woman looking for her glasses and they are on top of her head? That's the first thing I thought of... then I remembered, "where's the beef?" from years ago...can't remember what it was about though! lol Glad you're back home safe and sound. I've never been to the Grand Canyon...think I should go? Beautiful g-kids and wow, I'm so impressed you and Art do this! The children will treasure their memories for sure and talk about it for years!

Candy said...

Hi Sandy,
Wow - your grandchildren are all beautiful! How lucky you are to have so many :o)
Your card is as cute as ever. It has your wonderful sense of humour -
love that!
Hugs, Candy

Unknown said...

Welcome back Sandy!!!!! Your pictures are great and That big puppy is lovely too!!!!! That card you made made me smile that is so super adorable!!!!! What an awesome design!!!!!! Excellent job Sandy!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sandy for all the lovely comments!!!!! You really are a special lady and I am so happy to have met you through this blogging!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!

Linda Palmer said...

It is so good to have you back. I missed your humor, your cards and photos. I loved the photos of your Grandchildren. Love your beautful card too. The front is beautiful and so is the inside. Happy you are crafting again.

charlene said...

What a cute card and I love the pictures of the vacation,,,hey you were in my neck of the woods while at the Grand Canyon I am about 3 hours south

Pat said...

Welcome back, my sweet friend!! Your summer sounds like it was just amaaaaaazing!! And the fact that you got to share all of those wonderful experiences with your family makes it even more special!! I see your crafting mojo is alive and well! I love this card...clean and simple and still so very much "Sandy"...that inside image is a hoot!! Yes ma'am...she's back!! Hugs. Pat

Elle said...

Sandy, I LOVE your card! Tilda peaking out of the water is just precious. As are your grandchildren. I enjoyed looking at the pics!

Fran said...

Hey girlfriend I just love your card. The coloring on the maggie image is awesome. I love the inside so much. Your cards always give us a chuckle. So glad you are back! Hugs, Fran

Kathy Gerace said...

Hey Sandy! Love your card. Had to LOL at the "Mature" woman in the rubber ducky bathing ring! Great job coloring! Just love the humor!

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet sister of mine. Nice to see you back at your passion. Love the summer card. XXOO Mel

cabio's craft corner said...

Hi Sandy, so great seeing you got a chance to do a card!
Cute and sweet summer card and thanks for sharing all the fun pictures :o)
Cab io

Patricia Garcia said...

Welcome back Sandy, I am happy to hear your trip went well and that you had a FUN time!! What a perfect summer card, it's going to be HOT here in California today, swimming sounds fun!!


Unknown said...

Hi Sandy, Glad to see you back, really missed ya! I love all the pictures of your family, you've got some cutie pies :O) I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with them. I love this card, I'm still laughing, hilarious! Love it. Tilda looks sooo cute! Hugs! Leah Ann


hey, Joe is a little out numbered! This little Magnolia is really cute! Thanks for sharing her and welcome back!
Tammy Louise