Monday, May 16, 2011

My Swine Song

I am taking a little time off to be with my grandchildren this summer.  As they do not live near me, I only get to see them a couple of times a year.  Summer is "our special time" and I can't wait.  So this is my last card until August rolls around.  I have titled it "My Swine Song".  Now the way I see it, every girl needs to have at least one pig as a friend.  Who else can you go out snorting with and one good oink deserves another.  So y'all have a good summer and don't forget to bring home the bacon!!

My sister asked me to make a birthday card for one of her friends.  Melanie and her friend Susan have a little game going on where they give each other pigs.  So,  who better to make a pig card than I.  I do so enjoy reading your comments and as I have said many times before - we all need a little love now and then.

XO - Sandy  (have you hugged your pig today?)


Beth said...

Sandy, your card is adorable! Susan will love it! LOL
Enjoy your grandchildren! Have a super fun summer with them!

Myrna said...

Perfect card for your sister's friend Sandy! I'll miss you over the Summer but ENJOY every minute of your time together!

Suzi Mac said...

Hehehe!! this brought a huge smile to my face, it's just adorable. I hope you have a wonderful time with your Grandchildren.
Suzi x

Linda Palmer said...

I hope you have lots of fun with your grandchildren this summer. I love your card. It is so cute and love all the dp and colors you used to embellishment it. Great job on a fabulous card. I will miss your cards but know how important it is to spend time with the grandkids. They grow up so fast.

Anonymous said...

awwwww....leave it to you to be so creative and fun! Just what a gal wants.... a hug from a dirty pig! lol Did I say that?!!! oh, I see, then it washes up... ok... a clean hug! lol and all dressed up! Just charming Sandy...You always make a gal smile! You will get lots of hugs all Summer! G-kids have the bestest hugs! Mine don't live that far but I still don't get to see them enough...need to work on that this Summer too! We started a little stamp club with a couple of the g-daughters and one of their friends... so fun! Thanks and b/4 we know it, you'll be back!

Card Crazy said...

Fabulous - laugh out loud. Really very cute. Sandy, have a wonderful time with the kids this summer. We'll miss you, see ya in August.
Sue S.

Karen said...

Awesome card Sandy! You have fun with your grandkids this summer!! : )

Chris said...

Your card, my dear friend, is "oinkalicious!" It certainly did bring a smile to my face! I will miss you and your tender humor, but I know that you will be having smiles and tender humor day after day with your grandbabies.
Enjoy and have more fun than ever! I'll miss ya!


paola said...

REal cute my friend, sure gave me a good laugh. Have been mising our chats, enjoy the children, will catch up when you have a chance for a chin wag

Louise said...

Love it, your card is so cute.
Have a great summer
Louise :)

LindaC said...

That is so the pigs! LC

Barb Hardeman said...

Oh Sandy, you've done it again! This card is too stinkin' cute! What a delightful card for your sister to give to her friend, since they both love pigs...This is really cute inside and out and of course at the "tail" end! Ha ha ha! So now off you go and enjoy those grandbabies with all your heart!
Love you,

Caroline said...

Sandy another amazing creation you are one very talented lady x x x

Iulia said...

Oh,Sandy, I remember having felt like this about 10 years ago when one ex-boyfriend dumped (well, kind of:))! You surely don't mean to leave us... I mean your grandkiddos wil also sleep now and then.. lol... and you can also show them how to make cards and play with each other:)) Well, I'm just kidding dear Sandy,, spending quality time with your grandchildren is definitely the most important thing in the world, just that life will be different without your adorable funny cards.
And this is definitely my favorite so far. What a great idea with these cute piglets! Your coloring has reached perfection- you definitely spent some time on it. How imaginative you are! That one is dirty then he washes Love those bubbles and the back of the last picture makes me sad, instead of making me smile:(
Love your card sweetie and thank you so much for offering it to us, your blogging friends(I dare count me in:))!
Hugs my dear and please do come by now and then and let me know you are ok:)

Christina C. said...

What a darling whimsical card! Love it!!!! The inside and outside of this card is totally precious.
Please keep us updated and post a few pictures now and then of your granchildren!

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy this is absolutely darling!!!! I love it!!!! It makes me smile!!!! Way to go Sandy excellent job!!!!

Barb F said...

This is one cute card!! Have a nice summer!!

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Sandy!
Have a wonderful time with your G-kids. You will be missed that's for sure. Your card is so darn cute and funny...oink, oink.
Thanks for the laugh. Look forward to seeing you when you come back.
Hugs Maz

Anonymous said...

Awe what cute little piggies these are! Just darling - your friend will love it! Thanks for dedicating it to all of us your blogging friends! Will miss you this summer but enjoy your grandchildren! Make some fabulous memories sweetie! big hugs, Angela

Eve said...

hehehe what a fun card, Sandy! Luv those piggies from PB. Luv the colors, and even MORE fun inside of the card! I can't wait for the summer also, but different reason. :-) oh, Sandy are you going to watch the pirates of the carribean?? ;-)

Sharon Caudle said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! Those are the cutest pigs I've EVER seen!!! I LOVE them! I went through a phase a while back where I collected pigs and I still have every one of them. Soooo CUTE!!! I love your cards, Sandy! You enjoy those little ones! They grow up way too fast, and the paper will last forever! You will be sorely missed, and we will be here waiting for you when the summer is through. I get to bring my little grandson back with me next month, so I know exactly how you feel!!
hugs, Sharon

cathylynn said...

Sweet Sandy, My goodness girl I am going to miss you and your marlvelous cards. You have such a uniqueness that can not be duplicated. Your coloring is Fantastic as well as all your darling pigs. I'm sowwie to see to go! please keep us posted with some pics of the grandkids and your travels! Gotta go before I cry!
Super Hugs, Cathy

cathylynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melanie a.k.a. Sugar said...

Sandy - thank you for all your time and talents making this card for Susan. You will knock her socks off with this one. No way she'll be able to top it in our little pink pig war! I mailed it to her yesterday. Will let you know her reaction as soon as I hear from her. Love you bunches. Melanie

Candy said...

Hi Sandy,
Oh what a cute card!! Your sister's friend will adore it.
I love what you have done from the front to the very back LOL
Wonderful work, Sandy.
We will sure miss your humour and wonderful cards.
Have a fantastic summer with your Grandchildren.
See you in the fall dear friend.
Hugs, Candy

Kelly said...

I love your card, so cute and the song that goes with. Have a great time with the Grandkids and you can always put pictures of you all on the blog for us to enjoy. Have fun see you in Sept.

Sheri said...

Sandy! You and your cards are such a wonderful delight! I ..seriously adore you! Have fun with your little guy. They are just the best, aren't they?! (((hugs))

cabio's craft corner said...

How cheerful this card is Sandy. Wow you even do the back as well, good for you. Well have a wonderful break and enjoy your time with the grandkids. I am sure all of you will cherish each moment :o)

H said...

Hi Sandy.
Your piggy card is so cute ,your sister friend will love it.
Enjoy your G kids.I will be gone to
leaving for Holland for 2 months be back in Aug seeing my fam and friends and buying a lot of stuff.
I will miss you,have a great time.
Big hugs your friend Harma

Fran said...

Sandy that is one of the most adorable & comical cards I have seen in a very long time. The Card makers are going to miss you so much but I know how important it is to spend quality time with your family. And spending it with your grandchildren is a big plus. Now lets your coloring is outstanding, the layout is awesome, and your sisiter's friend is going to love it. God Bless dear friend! Hugs, Fran

Pat said...

Hi sugar! This card is absolutely adorable!! I bet Melanie loved it, huh?! I love the colors...and your images couldn't be more perfect together!! Your coloring is amazing! Sending big hugs your way sweetest friend! Pat

Janiel/ janny said...

Hello my sweet friend, I love your CUTE CUTE CUTE card!!!

hope all is well with you dear...
Have a great weekend..
hugs, Janiel

Peggie said...

An absolutely adorable card. Enjoy your family time.

Tracy Valure said...

LOVE this little pig card!! How cute! Great coloring too!! Btw - did you get into the LSS while you were here in Florida?

Tracy V

Imke said...

What a fun card ! Cute little pigs and your coloring is fantastic !

Liefs Ineke said...

What a nice card Sandy. I love the colors and also its funny.

Gr. Ineke

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear!! So sorry for not being around lately from the blog land....these pigs are too stinkin' CUTE girl!! I love your design with them and your coloring too!! :) Hope all is well with you hun!! Thanks for sharing! Smiles, *Vicki*

Pen to Paper said...

Sandy I'm going to miss you!!! I love seeing your cards so much. They are just the best really and they bring a smile to my face and make my heart leap!! Have fun with your grandkids. My nephews live in Florida and i live in CT so I understand what you're feeling. They come up every summer and stay for their whole summer vacation. Every moment with them is precious because you don't get to see them year round and miss out on so many momentous occasions. But i digres!! Have fun!!

And beautiful card as always. See you in August!



Sylvia said...

Hi Sandy,this card is totally awesome. I love the pig images, they are so cute. And your layout and coloring are both beautiful. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren.
Hugs Sylvia

Rene said...

Oh Sandy, I am going to MISS your cards! They always make me smile and this is no exception! Yes, everyone needs a pig...especially one with "The End" tattooed on it's bottom!!!! Love it!
Rene :D

Maria said...

Oh Sandy ~ you are a hoot! Your posts always leave me smiling and giggling hun. Your card is fabulous inside and out but the back of the card is priceless. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren and I look forward to popping by for a blog visit (and a giggle) again in August. Hugs, Maria

Karina said...

Such a cute card, Sandy. Love those sweet piggies. You sent sunshine along with this card.
Hugs, Karina

Unknown said...

Your little piggies are soooo cute! When I was little we had a pet pig named Sherman. We had a ball with that little pig.

Liefs Ineke said...

Hello Sandy how are you. Your card is very nice.

Gr. Ineke

Pamela Bagdonas said...

Loved your Pig cards, I am an old farm girl myslef and would love to know where to find the pigs. I just love farm animals and only have a few critters like turtles, snales, grasshoppers. Great cards I have also joined your email list.
thanks for the great post.

Anonymous said...

Very cute Sandy!
hugs Julie P

Patricia Garcia said...

Sandy enjoy your time off and your beautiful grandchildren!!


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