Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Spring is almost here and Mama is almost beside herself with joy!  All the daffodils Mama planted over the years are coming up and soon will bloom.  The birds are singing like crazy and we think we heard some new birds chirping away. Soon there will be new life all around!!

Speaking of new life, Mama has always preached to us bout being good and we  all  KNEW what that word  meant!  Mama has only one question . . . . . .

As you and I both know, the answer can only be found in the card - enjoy.


I have entered my card in the following challenges:

Color Create Challenge- The fruit I have chosen are strawberries, bananas and kiwi
Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog - Pink, brown or baby themed
Fairy Knoll - A little Green

I do appreciate y'all stopping by Mama's for a visit -- all comments are gratefully accepted!
Hugs -- Sandy


Pat said...

Hahahahahaha!! Oh Sandy, m'dear friend, you are absolutely so dang clever!! I'm telling you, I am never disappointed when I visit your blog!! Always surprised...but never disappointed! hehehehe!! Your coloring is gorgeous...and I love the layout...I'll be using my Doohickey lace edge like this...I love the effect!! And, by the way, THANKS!! Now I have that song stuck in my head!! bwahahahaha!! I'm so tickled that I stopped by for a I'd better get back to work! :-) Hugs. Pat

Cami said...

ROFL! Oh Sandy, I just luvluvluv your "story" cuz it makes me laugh! Cute card!
Hus, Cami

Caroline said...

Sandy once again an amazing card xxx

Danielle Champagne said...

:=) :=) LOL LOL LOL!!!
OH!!!! Sandy.... I am laughing my head off.
I never expected such a story,with pregnant Tilda; but soooo funny... I love your embellies, so cute and your very nice paper.
Hugs. Danielle.

Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, Mountain Mamma! I'm holding my sides, laughing like crazy to see your latest card. Where do you come up with all these sensational idea??? Well humor aside, this is beautifully done and who cares if you scraplifted from Pat! That's what CASE-ing is all about! That stands for Copy And Share Everything. Your's isn't exactly the same, not the same paper and flowers and you colored her differently, so it's quite original. Another wonderful zaney creation by our Beloved Mountain Mamma!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love your version of this song! hhahaha! I love this Tilda (have to pick up this one). Beautiful card Sandy! Love your papers and design! Always enjoy reading your stories. I always leave your blog with a smile on my face! big hugs, Angela

Eve said...

Hehehhheheh sandy, i always luv your cards BUT the INSIDE of your card is always FUN!! :-) It makes me laugh and/smile! LOL! :-) Luv your layering (design) of the card!:-)

Mascha Zimmerman said...

You made it kind of romantic this card, so much love within the pregnant Tilda, very sweet! Bye Mascha

cathylynn said...

Once again I've got a smile ear to ear Thanks to good ole Sandy!!! I bet you never have a dull day at your house. Anyway this card is DELIGHTFUL!!!!` Tilda looks so sweet and innocent on the outside with all those beautiful embellishments than you open the card to maybe a raised eyebrow HEHE!! So Clever Mountain Mama!!! Now get busy with your next creation!!! Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Only By His Grace said...

Heehee! You are hilarious Sandy.
You always give me a good laugh.
Your card is great and very well made.
Super coloring. i love how you arranged your flowers too.
hugs Maz

Myrna said...

Sandy only you can give a person some comic relief after a long day! Keep coming up with your stories!! Great job once again.

Sharon Caudle said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! This card is so stinkin' funny and adorable! I totally and completly love it Sandy!!
hugs, Sharon

Kathy said...

Sandy, you never disappoint, this is so funny! As always the outside is perfection. I always try to guess what you will put inside, but I never guess correctively. You are so creative and original. Love everything you come with!

Lisette Morris said...

Only you Sandy!! You crack me up!!

Card Crazy said...

Oh dear, Sandy, you're a very naughty lady. The card is so pretty, with the beautiful little pink bows and that gorgeous flower arrangement. How could such a sweetie end up on this card? She sure didn't listen to Mama but now she's constantly humming to herself.
"Mama told me not to come"
Sue S.

Christina C. said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Sandy, you totally crack me up!!!! Tooo funny!
Very creative....loving your card!!

Julie said...

That is so cute! I love the highlight on Tilda's belly.


Deanna Mulder said...

What a cute card. I always love your stories that go along with your cards. Great job!

Norma said...

LOL, Sandy, you always manage to crack me up and bring a grin to my face.
A precious card. Love this adorable pregnant Tilda image—don’t think I’ve seen her prior to this challenge. Beautiful colouring. Love your layout. I like that tag-in-a-pocket idea.


Candy said...

Oh Sandy!!!
Another card that has us all laughing our heads off.
DELIGHTFUL - so nice to come visit your blog and always leave so happy.
Tilda is coloured beautifully :o)
LOVE all of your embossing and pretty pink ribbons.
The tag is such a nice touch.
You know how we all feel about the inside * big grin *
Love, Candy

cabio's craft corner said...

Can this be more funny? NO. LOL, Sandy, you are so clever on making your card to medicate others. I think no matter how bad the recipient feel, but once he/she got the cards from you, they sure cheer up right after. Thank so much for sharing another awesome card :o)

Iulia said...

Hiya, Sandy! You and Pat there are such a match; you really work hand in hand so as not to leave a story half told. So, this one is about pregnancy. I was pretty sure before seeing the inside of your card that it was not an expected one:))
Lovely card, you sweet funny pretty lady! Life is never dull with you around:))
Now about the card in itself: love your coloring most of all, then the lovely papers and layouts. Those tiny bows look gorgeous and the color choice of green and pink is always a winner. Love the romantic look which attenuates a bit the "inconvenient accident" issue:))
I'm always waiting impatiently for your next card/story and I'm never disappointed! Good work, sweetheart!
PS1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Sandy. It's always great to hear from you. Still, if you keep praising my work I'll soon become vain and conceited:))) So, I expect you to criticize my work:)

PS2. "birds singing like crazy"... that's brilliant:)))

Sharon said...

Oh what a delightful post and I so enjoyed reading all the comments above too... your card is delightful Sandy, such a pleasure popping by... hugs Sharon x

Patricia Garcia said...

How funny!!! Too cute, Sandy you always make me smile :)!! Lovely card and pretty papers, Hope you have a fun day!!


LINDA W. said...

Sandy you are so cute...I do remember that well as your card is it...spring I love it....but here in Texas it doesen't last as long as I would like.The summer takes over too soon and the heet is too
hot too
HUGS Linda

Christine said...

LOL, what a great card! That inside is so perfect for her, very creative! Great to see an older Tilda, too.

Maureen said...

Oh Sandy, you slay me! You definitely have a hilarious view of the world. I always wondered about this stamp; I dunno... I guess I feel Tilda is a bit too young to be expecting! But your take is hilarious! And yeah, now I have that dang song rolling around my head!

Great card BTW, and thank you so much for adding my DigiDrawn button to your sidebar! You are a dear!

Liz's creative corner said...

Thanks for joining us at colour create with this fab card,it made me laugh, gorgeous colouring, hugs Liz xx

Rene said...

I certainly didn't let the boys out...I have two girls! ;D
Another great card Sandy! Love pink and green (which is weird since I don't like pink, but paired with green or brown, suddenly I love it!)! And I really love your flowers!
Rene ;D

Pam said...

Hi Sandy......enjoy your stories as much as I like your cards. Super duper card with a Fabulous flower arrangement.
Hugs from Indiana,

RenateKreativ said...

So very cute and a beautiful design.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment at my your are my friend.
Hugs Renate

Unknown said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

Monique said...

Your card is beautifull Sandy ! Beautifull papers you used and that Tilda is adorable :)).

Hugs Monique

Anonymous said...

so cute and sweet Sandy! hehe... I don't know but I'm glad for babies! lol
Pam Going Postal

Patti Jo said...

You have such a great sense of humor Sandy! Enjoyed your card with the cute Tilda! I'm sure this is a one of a kind and very special too!!!

1CRTVCHK said...

What a darling card! Love the inside just as much.

LindaC said...

You did a great job on coloring that sweater...she looks like she is going to pop! Your card is funny! Thanks for playing along with the Magnolia-licious color challenge. Linda C

Anonymous said...

AWW!! Now how cute is this!! I love your darling image and what a great layout!! So fun!! :) TFS!! HUGS

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

ohhh my.. Sandy this is just sooo cute.
i love reading your stories and than the adorable card you make with it.
your coloring is great.

Leslie Anne Avila said...

I absolutely LOVE your card with the pregnant Maggie image. Your coloring of little Miss Tilda is perfectly done, as always! I just love your sentiments! Great job!

Pen to Paper said...

Hahaha, Sandy you are too funny! I'm catching up just now on older posts. Your card is so sweet and funny. Oh that MAMA!!! Haha!



Cathy said...

Hi Sandy, I just joined Magnolialicious and am enjoying all the blogs when I came across yours. So cute,inspiring,and unique. I am also from and in NC,near the coast. I was wondering if there were any North Carolinians in the group. Enjoyed!

Chris said...

LOL, Sandy, this is hilarious! I love what you wrote! It is just such a sweet card and with perfect humor. I think I would have loved Mama!

Chris Christensen