Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Here is Diana's challenge over at MAGNOLIA-licious Highlites Blog.  It says "project LETTER and/or WORD".  The way I see it my card is a project and the letter I have chosen is "rite".  Like they say in the South, "I will be rite back".

Are you ready?


Donalda said...

Wowzer !!!! Love this dear. Hugs

Kathy said...

OMG! This is a hoot Sandy. The outside is lovely, I was expecting santa, not Johnny Depp inside, what a great surprise! You are so clever! Fun holiday card!

Myrna said...

Oh, Sandy I lol when I saw the Johhny Depp and the Tilda on her elbows!!! Just love this!! Great job coloring and on your whole card.

Barb Hardeman said...

Bwahahaha! This is so funny! Who but you would think to put Johnny Depp as the dream boat! This is wonderful! Love the extra images on the inside. Really delightful...great take on the "throw down".
Love ya,

Rene said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!!! First I was cracking up from the "rite back" comment...then I saw Johnny gazing at me card ever!!!! :D

Sharon Caudle said...

LMBO! You are so funny! I love everything about it! Fabulous card Sandy!

Card Crazy said...

Thank you, Sandy. That is just too funny. Do you think Santa would grant me my wish if I sent him this card? JD, I love ya.
Sue S.

Candy said...

Oh Sandy!!!
I am still laughing! I too expected to see Santa inside :o)
I don't know a woman who doesn't have a crush on him!
I never want to hear you say again that you can't make a pretty card - The front of your card is on parr with anyone else. Your colouring of Tilda, the holly bench and your layout is AWESOME.
Then just so we don't forget you have such a great sense of humour the inside makes us laugh.
I got such a big kick out of seeing little Tilda on her elbows - I can just hear her 'sighing' and then your other Tilda laughing at the whole thing!
This is a winner in my books!
Lots of Love and a HUGE THANK YOU for the goodies sent my way today.......Candy

Glenda Mollet said...

Hi Sandy
I truly enjoy your blog. Thanks for sending me the email, I will now follow you as well! I love your cards!!

Only By His Grace said...

Ha! you have put a smile on my face again Sandy. Your coloring of Tilda is beautiful. Terrific layout too with the holly down the sides. Love the choice of Tilda's inside with Tilda dreaming and the other one holding back her giggles.
Thanks for the fun cards Sandy.
Hugs Maz

Cami said...

Hehehe, too cute and too funny, Sandy! Love your sense of humor! Tilda is colored beautifully and ooh, Jonny Depp? Dreams sometimes do come true LOL! Hugs, Cami

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy...this is SO INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!!!! I love the gold and red colors...your Tildas are all beautifully colored...and I almost pee'd my pants when I saw Johnny Depp...hehehehehe!!! He's such a dreamboat (even tho I am an old woman, I still appreciate "hot guys"!!!) I love that Tilda on her tummy...and the one laughing is too adorable. Once again, sweetest friend, you have hit a HOME RUN!!!! Can I come and live in your mind for just a couple of days? It would be such fun!!! Love you bunches! Pat

Lisette Morris said...

Your so funny!!! I love your sense of humor! Great card!! Coloring is fantastic!

shulsart said...

Sandy, this is adorable. Lovely coloring and great layout. I love Johnny Depp too, what a hilarious card.

Leslie Anne Avila said...

Lol, Johnny Depp is so sweet. You made me smile with this card. Thanks so much for sharing.
Blessings from Georgetown,
Leslie Avila

Suzanne J Dean said...

LOL--who knew Johnny Depp mixed so well with our cute Mags, hee hee! Love the layout and beautiful details too!


Pen to Paper said...

Sandy, ohmigoodness!!! What a funny card! I absolutely love this!!!!! I wish I got a card from Johnny Depp!! Or my fav, Christian Bale!!!! XOXO



paola said...

You're such a hoot!!!and i for one am nuts for Johnny Depp. i had such a good laugh, you're good for me, a real tonic. Great coloring inside and out

Sharon said...

A wonderful card and wow... you sure know how to provide some eye-candy... my daughter always tells me that there is only one guy that can get away with wearing eye-liner and that's Johnny Depp... hmmm I tend to agree... yummy!!! hugs Sharon

Iulia said...


This card of yours would definitely make anyone laugh. Great present for a teenager, but not only... I would like one too!!! I love that guy, but who doesn't! You sure knew whom to pick for this one... hehe !
I love the images you chose for the inside too. Great coloring! Great job!

hugs, iulia

Sylvia said...

Hi Sandy, her i am and what a great card did you make. I love the way you have colored your Tilda's. The red and yellow is a very,very nice combo. And the inside??? Wowwwwww, it very surprising to see Jhonny Depp. I am a big fan of him.
Your card and the details, coloring are really beautiful.
Hugs Sylvia

cathylynn said...

OK share your secret. I know... when you're not creating AWESOME cards you on a stage doing stand up comedian. I love how you bring your wittiness into your cards. A joyful heart is great medicine. You are definitely a ray of sunshine. Thanks and Johnny is lookin mighty fine even to a 57 year old!!! (hehe)

Zoe said...

oooooooo Johnny Depp. The number of posters I had on my wall of him as a teenager was ridiculous. and I still think he is total spunk!! way better than tom cruise in my opinion. heehee As for your card! You are hilarious! I just had to chuckle. I LOVE how you did the holly on the front of the card and the layout and maggies are just too cute! TFS! hugs xxooo

Liza said...

Fabulous work Sandy, great images both inside and out!

Liza x

Kathy Gerace said...

WOW!!! I was NOT ready for this! I was expecting Santa Edwin or something along that line. But Johnny Depp - be still my heart!!
Great card - wonderful sense of humor - great coloring job!

Diana Crick said...

Goodness gracious...did you hear me giggle all the way from Canada...This is so, so funny. I wasn't quite sure what to expect after I read the words on the front. Sandy, you, my dear friend have a brillant maybe sometimes of humour. Your card is PRICELESS!!!
hugs, Diana

Karen said...

I love it Sandy!!! THis is definitely a hoot!! LOL!

Peggie said...

Funny. Love this Tilda sitting on the bench.

Anonymous said...

baHAAAA!!!! Oh that put a big smile on my face and laugh in my heart! I LOVE THIS! What a great pic of Johnny Depp (woot woot!!) Can I send you my address so you can mail me this one ;) hehehe...

Sandy I love all the images you chose to use on this card! Especially the Tilda laying down and gazing up at Johnny! So sweet! Gorgeous layout with the holly leaves on the front! Wonderful coloring too! Thanks for sharing this one with me! big hugs hunny, Angela

Janiel/ janny said...

Hello Sandy, first of all thank you for taking the time to write me a little email!! Your words about my art was so very kind. THANK YOU!!!
Now on to this BEAUTIFUL card of ours.. I love the colors that you have used and oh gosh I had to really chuckle when I scrolled down and seen that sweet little Tilda laying there gazing up at Johnny... LOL... Love the layers and all of the sparkle on your card.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
Thanks for inviting me over to have a peek..
big hugs, Janiel

Danielle Champagne said...

Hi Sandy, OH! J'ADORE! Johnny Deep, wow wow wow, what a Santa Claus he'd make... Hem. I understand Tilda wanting to write a letter and make believe it's from him!!!!!!! You are so funny! I wish you'd see my grin!!! LOL.
I love it all!

Sheri said...

Ahhhh! too cute! Your cards are SUCH delight!

Cheryl said...

Swoon! Love the adorable front of your card and am chuckling over the inside! Great, great job, Sandy!

Caroline said...

Sandy once again you have made an AMAZING card x x x

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is too funny. I definitely like the eye candy!!! Your card is wonderful!

cabio's craft corner said...

Haha, that's too funny Sandy. It's too cute to see Tilda first and then Johnny inside!!!

Fran said...

I love your blog and all of your creations. Hugs, Fran

Kylie said...

Hehehehe - I never thought of Tilda in this cheeky way before! But it really becomes her. Doesn't she have wonderful taste :) hahaha.
What a fabulous idea.

ScrappingDeb said...

HAHAHA - very cute! And the little Tildas on the inside - what a good idea. And as for the "guy" the Tildas are with, I love him!

Jacque said...

Sandy, this is just too cute for words!!! You are so clever and it really makes a statement on this darling card...Very nice coloring of the images too!!! Love it...Hugs..Jacque

Janie Printz said...

I so love this card AND your wonderful sense of humor ... Too stinkin cute for words ... We're NEVER to old to dream right !!!
Hugs, Janie

Sandy said...

She's so very cute. I'm the other Sandy D and I love that you have a blog that I can keep up with now.

Maria said...

OMG - You ROCK SANDY! I'm having such a time giggling away and ooooh how hot is Johnny Depp. Of course he would have to be surrounded by those sweet tildas dreaming and giggling away too. Love how you've coloured the sweet Tildas inside and out plus all the embellies are perfect. Thanks for the good wishes. Big Hugs, Maria

Billie's Scrappetique said...

Oh, girl...I love this! what a cute, cute card!!!

darriemae said...

I totally am in love with this card...or wait, maybe it's just Johnny I'm in love with?? lol Either way- great idea! Way cute card!

Deanna Mulder said...

Great card Sandy, what a great surprise inside! Love it.

Fran said...

Hey Sandy you are so right we may be in our 60s but we are not dead!
Your card is the bomb! Hugs, Fran

Silvie Z said...

what a fabulous card, Sandy! Love the rich red color and the holly leaves on the front! And your Tildas are so adorable! And how funny! After reading the text on the front, I wasn't expecting Johnny Depp - what a clever idea!
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time!

Patti Jo said...

What a great Dream card!!! Perfect Tilda's for your wishes to go along with Johnny! You must smile the whole time making your cards because you make others smile looking at them!!! TFS Sandy!!!

Nancy Jensen said...

Sandy, thank you for your email and the love you left on my blog. This card makes me think of my sweet angel Jess who LOVED Jonny Depp. :) Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.

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