Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas in Dixie

It's Christmas in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Families grow near and children fill their homes with excitement and cheer.  Merry Christmas Y'all!

Diana, Candy and Company have another delightful challenge going on at Magnolia -licous Challenge Blog. It's a Blue,Pink and Green fiesta for the eyes.  So my little darlin's  are going over to enter right now.  Y'all come back now ya hear!  I do appreciate all your kind comments.  Sandy


Zoe said...

HAHHAAA - Youa re a crack up Sandy! Thanks for giving me a chuckle.
Have a very Merry Christmas!
Hugs xxooo

Candy said...

Cutie patootie little bootie there Sandy!!
Looks like the kidlets are all practicing for Christmas.
Busy household :o)
Love your sense of humour!!
Thanks once again for joining us at Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog.
Love and Merry Christmas, Candy

Maureen said...

Hey! I recognize that beagle and kitten with bow!!! ;)

Too cute!

Merry Christmas Sandy!

Patti Jo said...

Cute how you've made a scene on the outside and the inside of the card! Hmmm, haven't seen that Piano player before!!! Great job on your fun card Sandy!

Danielle Champagne said...

Hello Sandy,YOU ARE AMAZINGLY FULL OF IMAGINATION! I envy this total fun you have by just letting your imagination guide you, and create scenes with so much ingenuoussness. You night scenery ismost beautiful, love your Christmas trees with snow, and the little house, cozy and warm in this cold night. It seems to vibrate at the music inside. I love the furry friends and Tilda in front the nude pianist, Even Tilda playing violin looks as though she is playing a rigodon! TOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. I ADORE. Hugs. D.

Caroline said...

WOW Sandy Claus.......another AMAZING card please send me some of your talent pleaseeee x x x x!!

Christina C. said...

What a fun card, Sandy! Thanks for giving me a chuckle!!!!!
You created a lovely little scene here, inside and outside of this delightful card. Very creative!!!!

Suzanne J Dean said...

LMBO--I love the naked babe at the piano, too funny! Such a cute mountain kids card--gave me a good laugh today! Wonderful work and it's filled with joy!

Happy Holidays,

Unknown said...

Whoooohoooo!!! I love the scene on the front of the's so beautiful and serene!! Then, of course, I opened the card...and double whooohoooo!! Love the darling Tilda's, of course!! And that little darlin' with the nekked buttisimo...bwahahahaha!! You even "rouged" her cheeks!! What a fun little "sing-a-long" they are having waiting for Santa!! Beautifully done! I'm so tickled that you're entering this latest masterpiece in the pink and blue & green challenge at Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog! Love you sweetie! Pat

cabio's craft corner said...

Don't see too many cards that use night background and this is fabulous Sandy. Full of fun scenery and images to look through and too cute. Thank you and glad you are joining us for the Magnolia-licious Challenge. Hope you also have time for the white inspiration challenge too :o)

Anonymous said...

too funny! super cute Sandy!
Pam Going Postal

Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, this just cracks me up! Your front is so serene with the beautiful cabin in the woods and the inside is just hilarious! You did a great job coloring your images, even to the blush on the "cheeks"! LOL
Another wonderful creation from Mountain Mamma!

Anonymous said...

bahAAA!!! Oh dear! I have to shield my eyes!! ;) teehee

What a fun card, Sandy! Beautiful on the outside and inside (blushing). Thanks for joining us at the Magnolia-licious Challenge blog and for giving me a good laugh dear Sandy Claus! big hugs, Angela

Kathy said...

Totally loving the bare bottom baby at the piano. My 5 year old just called your card hilarist! (His version of hilarious), Sandy you are so creative, I love how the scene looks on the front and then opens to a fun inside, so cute!

Sharon Caudle said...

LOL! Super cute card, Sandy! Love that pink bottom!!! We need to hang together for a while! You're a hoot! Hope you're enjoying your holiday season!!
big hugs!

Jane H said...

Oh my goodness your card is amazing.

Leslie Anne Avila said...

This card makes me smile. Love the little naked baby. Reminds me so much of my little one.
Slookie our cat is trying to catch your snowflakes falling from your page. lol
Merry Christmas~
Leslie Avial

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Sandy!
The front of your card is so well made. what a lovely scene.
The little one at the piano couldn't wait to sing carols. No time for clothes. Tilda seems to be enjoying herself. Love the pussycat and hound dog that Maureen designed.
You are doing so well Sandy. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas.
Hugs Maz

Karen said...

Very original, I love it! : )

Billie's Scrappetique said...

Very nice! That naked pianist is too cute!!

Deanna Mulder said...

Great card Sandy. Love the snowy detail on the front looks great. The inside is so cute. Love all the details.

Sheri said...

I'm a little BEHIND in getting to you...but this it hilarious! You out do yourself every time!

cathylynn said...

WELL Sandy I'm almost afraid what will be next?!!!! You are such a hoot! I love your style because it's so unique and I love your sense of humor PLUS your creations are just delightful!!! I have to say that you totally CRACKED me up with this one! (GET IT?????)
Merry Christmas and giant Hugs
Cathy-Lynn (aka the 3 amigos lady)

Sandy said...

What a detailed card you have here! So much work went into your creativity and your card is just beautiful! Love the serene scene!

Merry Christmas,
Sandy D too!

scrappinpeg said...

Hi there Sandy...
Thanks also for visiting my blog as well.
I love your adorable little scene you have created. This one is so cute. Your coloring is wonderful.
Hey I'm from the SOUTH! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Barb said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. Ü
I had to chuckle at the little piano play's bare bottom!!!
Luv the front of your card, wish we had some of that snow!!
Happy week-end.
Barb in Texas

Kathy Gerace said...

Very cute card! Love all the images you used. Great job coloring.

Melanie said...

Sandy - you amaze me with your creativity. This is wonderful and it shows how much you enjoy it. Love you,

Jacque said...

Cute, cute, cute...I am still giggling...that piano player looks kinda familiar!!! Love the scene on the front and the inside is just so much fun!!! I can almost hear that little dog howling at the job, Sandy!!! Hugs..Jacque

ultraroyale said...

Hi Sandy; I love all of the different cards you make. I'm like you, I'm not stuck on any one stamp company. I love the snow sence card with the snow on the trees. Thanks for sharing.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

Norma said...

Sandy, you naughty naughty girl. LOL, your card cracked me up. It's wonderful. Love the peaceful scene on the front of your card and then the fun scene on the inside. Oh, very well done!!
Thanks for joining us at the Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog.


paola said...

cant believe you managed to get a bare toosh into this one, you are a real gas. Will be in touch soon hun

Cina99 said...

Many thanks for your kind comments on my blog! :)

Please e-mail me your postal address so that I can send the handmade PIF-gift in 2011!!!

My e-mail: cina_99[at]


diane zechman said...


Patricia Garcia said...

This is really cute, love the colors!!


Alicia said...

Sandy that bare bottom is tooo cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Pen to Paper said...

Sandy, I haven't had internet for days now but I'm so glad I do now because your card is so funny!!! I love it!!!!



Linda Imler said...


What a cute card!

Linda I