Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's in Your Easter Basket?

Welcome to Inventory Challenge #26 and the theme this week is blue and yellow.  I thought I would do another Easter card.  Mama is out of her mind with joy; there are more programs going on at church than Carter's got Little Liver Pills.  One of her favorite things to do is study her Bible.  She is a charter member of the Women's Christen Temperance Union.  We just call it the WCTU.  She has the purttiest pin that she wears proudly on her jacket.  I know she has heard Billy Graham preach at the big Baptist Church in down town Asheville.  He only lives a stone's throw away.  Church is the center of Mama's social life.  She is very much aware of the meaning behind Easter.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy a chocolate bunny or two and a couple of cream eggs.  Mama sure does have a sweet tooth.

What's in your Easter basket - pretty colored hard boiled eggs that you whip into egg salad or a ton of Chocolate that you eat for breakfast Easter Sunday morning. 

Well I should have known.  I see the evidence around your mouth and on your fingers too.  You have been eating chocolate haven't you?

The dark you see around this card is really blue - a pretty deep blue for the base and the the frame around the chocolate bunnies is navy.  I have the hardest time trying to get my colors right.  Sure wish Suzanne would do a tutorial about getting colors right.

I  hope that you will visit my very talented team mates.  I know you know Danielle.  She created those wonderful cards about THE SOUND OF MUSIC.  Christina just posted the most beautiful Christmas cards on her blog.  Charlene is a wizard with those cantankerous Copic markers.  Why you should see her color away!    Rene is so cute -- everyone knows Grace and Izzy.  I wonder if Rene watched the movie FRIED GREEN TOMATOES.  Last but certainly not least is Jean.  Jean is a really good artist.  I guess y'all  saw the couch she drew for one of her cards.  Amazing!

I sure do appreciate your comments.  So many harken back to yesteryear and make me smile and sometimes just right ole' laugh out loud!!
XO Sandy


Pat said... I first?! Aren't you glad I slept all day so I could stay up late to leave you some love?! Your card is gorgeous!! You give me just a "taste" on Skype...and it makes me want to see your work that much more!! I look forward to Fridays to see whatcha been up to, Mountain Mama!! Your coloring is just YUMMY...and, speaking of yummy, those chocolate bunnies sure do look good! But I'm old enough to know that they never taste as good as they look!! Your card is perfect, Sandy...and the way you colored the basket and that yellow bow...stunning! Hugs girl...I'm off to bed. Gotta get up for work in a few hours! Pat

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Sandy!
Your card is delighful. super front on it. Love the corners and the flowers. the coloring is very lovely as well. The inside is really funny. I just noticed that the bunnies had there ears eaten off. Don't tell me they ate each others ears!! Yep! that's chocolate alright.
Gorgeous Sandy...I love it.
Hugs Maz

Fran said...

Love it!!! I love how you colored the basket & flowers. I really like how you used all those layers of paper. And the inside is so darn cute. You are so talented and you don't even know it dear friend. Hugs, Fran

cabio's craft corner said...

That's card too cute Sandy, I just adorable the images and the lovely easter colors. I am one of those who will run after the chocolate bunnies :o)

cathylynn said...

Sandy dear Sandy. I LOVE THIS CARD!!! Oh my goodness you've created a real gem here. What a layout and use of multilpe stamps!
Your story to go along with was real enjoyable too!!! Thanks for making this weeks wait well worth it!!!
Super Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Danielle said...

Good morning Sandy, I love your card, this basket is wonderful, so nicely decorated. It would certainly be black chocolate for me! and no, I never started my rabbits by the ear, I would keep them for the end. I started by the bottom, where it doesn't show, and go up! Mama, I love your story about the church community, and the meaning of Easter. I would take a book with all your short stories... Haven't you thought about it?
Have a wonderful day, friend. Hugs.

Barb Hardeman said...

Hi Sandy, your card is delicious! Every bite of it! What a super idea you came up with for Easter. BTW I always started my rabbits at the ears, especially if they were the solid chocolate one. Great coloring on the bunnies...hugs...Barb

Christina C. said...

Lordy, lordy, girl, the inside of your card is tooooo funny! hahahaha
Those partially eaten rabbits are hilarious!! Love visiting your crack me up!
Love the Easter basket ....such a lovely and creative card, my friend!

Linda said...

Love your card it is so sweet!!!!
Love the partial bunny too cute!!!!

charlene said...

Sandy this is just to cute love those poor little bunnies with the ears gone hehehehe thanks so much for the kind words you do very well in the arean yourself my friend

Myrna said...

Oh Sandy, you are just to funny!!! Love your chocolate bunny story! Super coloring on all your sections!

Linda Palmer said...

Love your card, especially the bunnies that someone has eaten off their ears. That's how mine would look. Great idea and great card.

Cathy said...

I got your blog today and absolutely love it. Great idea with the munched on bunnies. So cute!

Candy said...

Dear Sandy,
Love your card!!!
Chocolate is what my basket wish would be - and I start at the ears too!!!
Delightful story throughout your card. Wonderful colouring. Love those chocolate bunnies - wonder where you found that stamp? I think your paper colours are just great too!
Big hugs, Candy

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Sandy!! Wow!! I am in love with your Easter basket!! The flowers look gorgeous!! I love the sweet bunnies too!! Oh so yummy chocolates!! :) Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful weekend friend!! Smiles, Vicki

Chris said...

Sweet Sandy,

It's a dark, gloomy, rainy day here in southern Utah - then, all of the sudden, a huge ray of sunlight jumped out of my computer screen! It was YOUR card! It is just precious! I just love the little story, and the images you used are wonderful! Your humor is just such a pick me up! I love your card. I love how it looks - so professional.

Chris Christensen

Rene said...

Hahahahaha! Your bunny is a CANNIBAL! Oh Sandy, your cards always make me laugh out loud...and that is the greatest gift in the world!
Rene :D

Eve said...

LOL, I'm like Rene above... your card always crack me up! LOL!!! Nice design & luv the colors! :-)

Melanie a.k.a. Sugar said...

Love it!! I can just taste your chocolate bunny. Good job! Love you.

Iulia said...

What a yummy card, Sandra! ( I just love your name, Sandra,gorgeous and suits you so well)
Your Easter basket looks amazing. I have this stamp too but never inked it! Thus colored it looks magnificent! Those corners make it so elegant and the inside is simply delicious. You know what? Not only your Mama has a sweet tooth. And I guess I'm gonna call my hubby get me one or two of those bunnies too. Yummy! I just love that chocolate color.
Great idea with those eaten ears. You are so inventive Sandy!
You said you were not satisfied with your colors. I noticed that if I take the pictures in the sun the colors are more like in real life. Still, I think your colors are just beautiful in the pictures. Your coloring is lovely and it's always a pleasure to stop by!
Have a great Sunday my dear!
Gosh, I need badly those chocolate bunnies! Gonna go get them!
Luv, Iulia

Kim Y. said...

These are adorable!

Teri said...

Oh my gosh, Sandy! You crack me up!! I love these cards, they are soo darn cute and so darn funny, too! Love those bunny ears... or rather, lack of bunny ears!! haha!!
Going back to check out more of your great cards!!!!

Judy K. said...

Have you been peeking when I get in the candy stash? Geeze, I did'nt think anyone knew! You are just sooo darn funny Sandy and your card is sooo adorable, you're a very talented lady!!!
Judy K.

Kathy said...

Pass the chocolate bunnies and eggs (forget the hard boiled ones)! I've got a sweet tooth like mama! Love this card, just a total hoot as always. Your coloring looks lovely, and your sentiments are always so clever. Really like how each card has a special story behind it, makes me feel like I know you! Another fantastic creation Sandy!

Harma said...

Sandy Sandy!! you just crack me up with your fun story,yes I have a sweet tooth just like mama,I 'm just wondering who eat the bunnies ears ????.I hope to get a cholate buny too.But your card is gorgeous
as always,i love the corners
have a nice sunday dear friend.
Hugs harma

Karen Arthur said...

Love your cards.... I got a kick out of the chocolate bunnies running away but their ears still took a beating... LOL
Hugs, Karen

Linda said...

Oh Sandy I did not realize that I was not one of your followers so I joined today. Everytime I came here I thought I was.....

Linda said...

Hi Sandy I have somthing for you on my blog
Hugs Linda

Angela said...

Hi Sandy! What an absolutely adorable and fun card!! Love the pretty basket on the cover and those cute chocolate bunnies - especially the ones with the ears bitten off (the best part). Beautiful coloring my friend! hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Pretty to cute to funny! Totally delightful Sandy! I was a candy kid... oh, I loved my Easter basket! ugh... I steer clear now! lol I'm a Green and Black's Dark Chocolate gal... give me the 70% or better yet the 85%! I'll take mine dark! lol I haven't even started any Easter cards yet! eek! I better get stamping! : ))
Pam Going Postal

angel4031 said...

OMG How havent I seen this card before??? I love it - those lil bunnies look super cute - wiv no ears!! LOL FAB as always Sandy xxx

Cina99 said...

Love your Easter cards! The bunnies were so funny :D

Thank you for your kind comments in my blog!

Pen to Paper said...

Hahah Sandy, love it!!! Your story cracked me up and those poor chocolate bunnies!!! Oh no!!! Love the blue and yellow color scheme :)



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