Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I do have a special post.  This is my second time to participate in Stephanie's Tea Cup exchange.  You can find Stephanie here.

This is so much fun so this time I decided to participate in the tea cup exchange and the mug exchange.  It was really a hustle bustle for me as we had been out of the country to Spain and Portugal and my names came while we were gone.  I had no time to personalize each box and barely got my gifts in the mail on time!  Plus the fact I forgot to take pictures of the boxes I sent!  I will do better next time Stephanie I promise!!

This was in the box I received from Ronnie -- such a delight!  It seems we have the same sense of humor.  The Mug is hysterical -  and I love it!!!!

Now would you look at this -- Ronnie tells me that she looks for pretty spoons and then her husband cuts them to make necklaces - it is really gorgeous!!!!!
Thank you so much Ronnie -  it really was a pleasure with your letter telling me about you and your family!!!!

This is surprise number two coming from - you guessed it!  SUE!!!!  I thought it was so neat that she included post cards of where she is from.  I will do that in my next boxes for sure!  She also saw that I make cards and like to art journal so she included a special package full of goodies for my craft making.

Her yummy was Easter Chocolate and some homemade maple syrup.  You heard me right - her husband makes their very own maple syrup!!!!!!  Plus a diary, crochet flowers and beautiful napkins.  I think she knows I like to use napkins in my art journal!
The tea cup she sent me is absolutely gorgeous - yellow roses.  I love the color yellow especially when paired with red.  And what is that next to the gorgeous tea cup?  A really beautiful antique sugar spoon.  It is really quite nice and perfect to use for tea parties!!

Thank you Ronnie and Sue -- I appreciate your kindness and generosity so much!

Although it is fun to receive surprises, for me it is more fun to make a box.  I am collecting little bits and pieces throughout the year to try and make my boxes special.  So much fun!!!!!

I will be posting again soon - I have to catch up with my art journal!!!

Thanks for stopping in for a cup of tea - your visits and love are always appreciated!!
Sandy xx